How to Choose Bridal Jewelry Based on the Hairstyle

Leather Choker or oversize sets? Classic light point or gaudy necklace? You ask yourselves these questions and you have no idea what jewelry to wear in the wedding day? Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration? Well. In this article you will find many tips and tricks.

You fought between the classic strand of pearls from bon ton taste and a pair of chandelier earrings very showy, or between the light source and an oversized pendant? You want to shine in your wedding day but be afraid to exaggerate or misplace some combination? Try to follow tips and some good advice to take shelter from the slides style.

We assume that everyone is free to wear what they prefer and they like, but that in Choosing jewelry for your wedding day, we should also take into consideration factors that go beyond pure personal taste, and the jewel par excellence should be matched to both the hairstyle that the neckline of the dress. Despite the wedding trends involving on the one hand the oversize jewel and the other a classic lamp, discreet and delicate, it is also true that if the dress is very low-cut a necklace effect “red carpet” might fit you with a brush and a pair of chandelier should be definitely avoided unless you have opted for a hairdo collection: a pair of earrings so garish would disappear and become confused in her hair.

Also, if the dress is particularly rich in fine details any further ornament could definitely sing out of tune; in that case it would be better to wear a small jewel and discreet.

Jewelry and hairstyle: the basic rules

Especially the choice of earrings for brides depends more than by the hairstyle, dress but in general terms the objective of the jewel in the wedding day is to give light to the face and soften the facial features.

Typically for the updo and semiraccolte it focuses on small jewels but made with colored stones that are in tune with the details of the dress, but there are brides who love jewellery and also in the wedding day they prefer to wear earrings more full-bodied and possibly pending. Small but brilliant jewelry, instead, for whom the wedding day will show off a more natural hairstyle and dissolved: in this case the classic bride aims at pearls surrounded by cubic zirconia or bright.

As for the necklace, you can just rely on good taste, if you wear earrings very showy, like a pair of chandelier, then you might as well do without it, alternatively rely on a simple point light. If you wear Pearl buttons you can also show off a real gemstone pendant necklace, if you wear a pair ofpearl earrings with pendants, mix and match a gold necklace with a single Pearl, maybe surrounded by diamonds or cubic zirconia.

You’re looking for inspiration? Please take a look at our gallery.