How to Choose Bikini for Your Body Types

Even if the best way to choose a bikini is always the one who makes you feel comfortable, there are still some very helpful tips for deciding which bathing suit model is more appropriate, according to the shape of your body. The idea is to hide what they don’t want to display and highlight the best in our body.

It is very important to know what your body type is, after all, every person has a different body type. However, there are four basic types: guitar, banana (rectangular) shape, pear shape (triangular) and Apple-shaped (inverted triangle).

We elaborate below a guide of basic items to consider to find a bikini that best goes with your body and your style.

Guitar shaped body

Body type guitar is a harmonious figure and full of curves, you can abuse the bikinis without problems.

Only be careful to combine parts of different colors and patterns, they can change their perfect proportions.

Also be careful with the marked contrasts in the waist or hip line, if your body is the type of intense curves.

Banana (rectangular)

Are usually strong and athletic bodies, broad shoulders, hips proportional and little waist. To create volume, bet on us models, folds or lateral ties, which attracts attention to the appropriate places.

Swimsuits can also help you define the waist silhouette and favour with the curves.

Bikinis with floral prints and graphics well are female one of his closest allies, creating a better visual balance to your figure.

Body pear-shaped (Triangular)

You have complete freedom to arrange their pieces, noting that the neutral solid colors and minimize the look and the prints and vibrant colours attract attention.

Who have prominent buttocks, which characterize this type of body, can take advantage of bikinis whose bass parts are shorts.

The type strapless bikinis are perfect, being very sexy without being vulgar.
If you have smaller breasts, you should opt for a model that has cut or details on the diagonal.

Apple-shaped body (inverted triangle)

If you have that kind of body (very bust, broad shoulders and slim-hipped), you can combine your bikinis, but focusing attention to the lower part of your body, with vibrant colors and prints, leaving the solid colors and neutral to the top.

Bikinis that arrest in neck, stripes and thicker tissues, help to give better support to your bust and figure.

Forget the strapless, because you need a bikini top that give sustenance to the bust.

For those who have little bust

The first option are the models that have padding. The fillings of bikinis will help increase the volume of the bust and are designed to be wet without causing problems and embarrassment. The novelty in the market are the models with the “Magic Air”, instead of traditional fillings, are filled with air, with excellent results.

But if you’re one of those people that hate definitely fills in clothes, the most recommended is to choose a top that tie in front. Invista also in bonds, overlays, and other details that add volume.

Who has little bust can also abuse of templates like “curtains” and puckers.

Instead of a single tone, bet on prints, graphics that create a large visual effect: worth stripes, flowers, graphics, abstract, everything, and lots of vibrant color.

For those who have very bust

Give preference to smooth, dark tones and solid to the top, because these colors will help reduce the volume of this visually part that you want to hide a little. Use colors like black, which is always the most recommended, wine, Navy Blue, violet, Brown and chocolate, among others.

Always choices models with rods, that help keep the bust and most importantly, forming. If your bust is firm instead of rods, choose a top that has thick shoulder straps.

A template with which you will be very well is the rectum or of the type “Bandeau” or “Halter”, which is also an excellent choice for being tied at the neck and attach the bust.

For those who have little hip

Bikinis with panties with ties on the sides, ruffles and prints are ideal for those with little hip. These and whatnot cause an effect of more volume.

Don’t pick bikinis that have the bottom too big, as this will generate the opposite of the desired effect, which is to cover the size of the hips. Your best option is a single tone bikini, preferably dark background, and to the extent possible, with leg and straight forms alo.

You can wear bikinis that combine more than one tone, giving preference to a more attractive at the top of the part to divert attention from where you don’t want to show.

For those of you with a few extra pounds

Has failed to maintain the diet and is with a few extra pounds? As this is not a problem. In choosing, run from light tones, such as white or phosphorescent paper, tones, flowers and paisleys in General, especially if they are big and multicolored.

Avoid very thin spaghetti straps models if your shoulders are slightly inclined. Instead, use templates that have good support.

Black and dark colors in General will be your best allies. Always choose swimsuits in one piece (bathing suits).

And, to compensate for the sobriety of the dark colors, invest in a race or impressive bathroom and play with accessories: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, wallets, stylish hats and beach ball.

Overall, it’s good to know that the bikinis that give a better appearance of thinness are those of darker colors, not too dug at the bottom and in fabrics with patterns and textures to hide the belly, for example, with vertical or diagonal lines and graphics.

If you want to hide the cellulite in buttocks area, forget the bikinis too dug and choose a model with short.