How to Choose a Sleeping Bag

Selected sleeping bag for trips to the countryside, to the cottage or for a child to camp? How to choose the right advise you until August 9, 2015 at the Exhibition tents and outdoor equipment in Letnany, Prague, where they have besides 320 tents and built the largest selection of outdoor equipment unique spacákové camp, where you can choose from the hundreds of different kinds of sleeping bags and lie in them on various surfaces until you have completely clear.

“Visitors in addition to attractive prices the most attractive that you can try everything on your own. In a normal shop you must not build a tent around, yet it is so important. You see them built three hundred twenty and you try to give them the necessary equipment and lie in them as long as you want. So it is with inflating mats or sleeping bags. We have hundreds of them here and you can camp in a unique spacákovém rehearse at will and even on different surfaces (including stones). So you can find all kinds of the expedition, after nearly peřinového character, “says the organizer of the exhibition tents and outdoor equipment Jaroslav Skalka.

Select and try on everything you can find here, as long as you want and not have to worry even children’s entertainment – in spacákovém camp often entertained for hours. And you can select them while sleeping children.
“When purchasing, it is particularly important for small sleeping bag traveler loved and accepted him as their own, that you make it much easier to travel and eliminate critical moments. Then, however, we need to focus primarily on the core material, which should be pleasing to the touch, but it should be light and the nešpinit. It is also necessary to verify whether it is possible its extension / contraction, ventilation and from the feet – a two-way zip with easy operation without tearing and pinching substances sleeping bag, or whether it can be easily downloaded and especially allow Legum around the head and shoulders, “says Jaroslav Skalka .

4 important parameters when choosing sleeping

  1. Weights:For sleeping bags it is a very important parameter.The lighter sleeping bag, the less burden for tourists and volume when packed. Sleeping bags weight range from 600 grams to several kilograms. 2nd Convenience: Another guideline for selection are the advantages and disadvantages of the shape and design of sleeping bags. “The easiest quilt is only suitable to a camp or cottage, tent or too warm outside hold. Mummy sleeping bag reduces heat dissipation and optimizes the size of the heated space. Quilt sleeping bag use everywhere where you do not care about the weight and respect to you all about convenience – the cottage, or a holiday festival. These sleeping bags are comfortable materials, when you feel like in your own bed and there are also so wide and long. In contrast, the mummy sleeping bags are made from materials which are intended mainly for tourism and expeditions. They are narrower, more compact and lighter, which is redeemed less convenience, “explains manager shows tents and outdoor equipment Marušák Jan. 3rd Thermal comfort: An important condition is sufficiently comfortable sleep warm sleeping bag. Suffice to clarify what has sleeping serve and at what temperature it intend to sleep. The easiest way is to follow the labeled use according to the season – summer, winter and three-seasonal fourth Length: That is absolutely crucial. “People in the selection of sleeping bags most often perpetrated by two errors: buy a sleeping bag too long, and in this case must be warmed larger area than is needed and they can be cold. In the latter case it is even worse, into the sleeping bag does not fit, you’ll compress the insulating material and it will be cold, because you will not get warm. Therefore, it is important to try to come up sleeping with a verified seller or perhaps a exhibition tents where you lie on it to spacákovém camp, “adds Jan Marušák.

Tips on interesting sleeping

– Children sleeping Boll Patrol Lite is a full-fledged miniature outdoor sleeping bags for adults. When you take him three years Ditko, thanks to its unique design, leading to an extension of the length of the sleeping bag 35 cm and uses it for several years. It also features the same practical and functional details that are found in sleeping bags for adults.Through design and newly developed synthetic fiber DualMicro ensure the necessary heat for the smallest. The inner layer of the bag is made from a special brushed polyester, naturally hypoallergenic, which resembles a soft cotton. Buy it at the Exhibition tents and outdoor equipment for CZK 961.

– Salewa Micro 800 Summer sleeping bag, which is very compact and lightweight, and therefore suitable for bike and hiking. Cut mummy, filling: 40 g / m² Salewa Powerfill outer polyester material. At the exhibition tents and outdoor equipment or purchase it on for 1980 CZK

– Hannah bivouac W X3 is very warm sleeping bag with synthetic filling usable in colder parts of the year, 3D hood with visor, 3d floor, zip double-covered, collar, pocket for documents, system against jamming pulley, single-hood, belt for hanging. At the exhibition tents and outdoor equipment or purchase it on for 1592 CZK.

– Pinguin Topas is a lightweight three-season sleeping bag collapsible acceptable dimensions suitable for tourists, hikers, travelers from spring to autumn. Double-layer construction thermally insulating filling provides sufficient thermal comfort. Outer material Ripstop Nylon DWR again sufficient damage resistance. Possibility to join the left and right fastener. At the exhibition tents and outdoor equipment or purchase it on for 2356 CZK.

Tip just for the weekend: Exhibition tents and outdoor equipment

A total of 115 brands, 320 erected tents, large spacákové camp, the largest selection of outdoor clothing and footwear in the Czech Republic – all waiting for you at the Exhibition tents and outdoor equipment, which will be held from 30 5th to 9th 8th 2015 Prague Letňany. On an area of 10,000 sq m (!) You will find the largest selection of camping, hiking, sports and leisure. All you can try to consult with experts, or just lie in the popular spacákovém camp or to settle down in one of the tents. Children can have wild fun in the playroom, all waiting specialties world cuisine at Club travelers.