How to Choose a Pillow

Essential element of a good night’s sleep, the pillow should be chosen with care.Follow our tips for the different types of pillows, the selection criteria to be met and the necessary budget to purchase a pillow you suitable.

Last updated: December 2016

Models of pillows

-The regular thickness pillow: square or rectangular pillow is part of the classics. It does not variation of thickness, as the bumps or hollows.
-The ergonomic pillow: in opposition to the pillow at regular thickness, the ergonomic pillow is also called neck pillow. This type of pillow, often manufactured in latex, is distinguished by a hollow at the Center and curved ends: the head just to stall at the centre of the pillow.
-The wedge-neck pillow: usually reserved for travellers to rest the head on transport, the wedge-neck pillow takes the form of a semicircle and arises around the neck.
-The pillow inflating: 11 to 15 cm thick depending on whether it is a classic or ergonomic pillow fluffy pillow is thick and comfortable.
-The flat pillow: as its name suggests, this pillow is devoid of volume. He is less comfortable inflating pillow, but advised in some cases.
The selection criteria

Here are things to consider when buying your pillow:

-Sleep position: If you sleep on your back, prefer a flat pillow. However, if you adopt a lateral position to sleep, the fluffy pillow is more appropriate.
-Lining: synthetic, natural or mixed, the filling is one of the main criteria that intervenes in the choice of a pillow. The natural filling is very healthy and light, while the synthetic lining is used for example in the pillows memory, for maximum comfort.
-The envelope: it must be of good quality to contain the filling and avoid the fuzz or fibers come out little by little. For optimal comfort, opt for pure cotton.
-Firmness: choose according to his personal taste. Firmness depends on the filling of the pillow: latex is usually softer than the foam shape memory, while the down tends to settle over time.
-Maintenance: the natural pillows can be washed in the machine. Attention: in the case of the pillows in latex or foam form, the protective cover is the only washable part in machine.

The price range

It is possible to purchase a pillow to the synthetic (polyester) lining at very low prices from 6 euros. The most expensive pillows are pillows memory: their price can go up to 80 euros.

Where to find his pillow?

To find a pillow, you get in supermarkets or order it on the Internet. Retailers specializing in equipment to the home and shops dedicated to sleep will also offer you a wide selection of pillows.