How to Choose a Good Tablet?

The Tablet has found its place in homes, as well as the Internet or TV sets. Over time, several user profiles drew.

Often asked on the couch or the nightstand, she does not replace one PC, but becomes his mobile extension. Some users also now favor the tablet to the laptop for travel if their use fits. Because it is primarily a tool for Internet browsing, e-mail consultation, but also excellent support of games. In this area, “gamers” are as much their account that beginners with mainstream titles, close games console experience and old hits taken from the catalogue of the publishers.

Young children enjoy as this simplified ergonomics where the finger at the touch of an icon is a proximity link more obvious than a mouse on an arcane interface. And the family love turn it into extra TV or make a great jukebox, connected to an amplifier in Bluetooth or wired. But this does not prevent them to be an excellent working tool, welcoming of spreadsheets, treatments of texts, diaries, and other essential applications for professional use.

As a computer without keyboard, the Tablet is therefore not a substitute product, it does not completely replace the Notebook PC with its keyboard (despite the accessories that let him put it, see our) Chapter accessories), his hard drive at high capacity, its strength, its nomadic skills. She’s not hunting either the Smartphone intended to follow us in each of our trips. And even if the size of the largest mobile screen reaches of small tablets, it’s also in this case phablets)see our guide), the smartphone keeps more vocation to communicate while “digital slate” remains a tool of work and entertainment.

Two particular cases: the Tablet hybrid, the 2-in-1 bringing together the best of the PC World and that of the touch pad, but also types SHIELD K1 of NVIDIA or Kazam Vision who are more than Tablet game console.

The strength of the Tablet lies in its versatility and especially the ability to follow you in all parts of the House. Once tested, impossible to get.