How to Choose a Formal Shirt

The shirts are an important part of the wardrobe of every man. They are worn for all occasions – from informal meetings to parties and official events. Here we look at the official model of this garment – shirts with long sleeves.

The first and most important thing when choosing this shirt is size. While sports models may be allowed to be a little larger and wider, this shirt should be your exact measure. It is not good to be tight on you or hanging. When checking out a model carefully consider whether you look good on the shoulders and neck, and of course look the length of the sleeves. Then it is important to pay attention to the model itself. Official shirts are generally clean and have pockets on them. The models that require wearing cufflinks are considered more formal. The type of collar is also important. If it is pointed or buttons, is not considered as official and no problem can be worn with jeans. The most suitable is the model in which it is dissolved – ie corners look more aside and allow free tethering tie.
For universal color of official shirt is considered white and light blue, but not conform these rules. As long as you complied with the suit color and skin tone, everything will be fine. Try different options like How to Use a Men’s Shirt as a Dress! – Do not limit yourself only with conventional!
Matter, which we recommend a cotton or linen (for the summer). And as a finale advise you to try different models shirts and do not save money because with a suitable model will be able to gain respect and respect in people. This will help you surely many in business or personal life!