How to Care for Your Breasts

Hi girls!

Today I come back to tell you about … tettons, hehe! In this post I will discuss with you all the latest offerings in terms of products and precautions to be taken related to the care and well-being of the breast! Although, in fact, I know that this topic is a very fertile ground for regarding the birth and spread of products-hoax, the market began to be more honest products, rather than to promise to grow within a week of two sizes relate to improving factors such as’ elasticity and firmness of her skin.

In addition, the health of the breast can be reached with a healthy lifestyle and making some more attention, not to mention a trick adopted by a diva of the past that, in its apparent strangeness, has an element of truth is not indifferent! Are you curious girls then you know everything … the boobs ;-)?Then read this post!


The gossip that era claimed the iconic Marilyn Monroe, to maintain the maximum splendor of her cleavage, bra put in the freezer for at least fifteen minutes before wearing it and as far as this practice may seem strange or unusual, the diva blonde was just fine!

This is because the ‘lowering of temperature ensures that the capillaries prior to contract and then dilate, increasing, in this way, the blood flow and, therefore, greatly improving the oxygenation of the cells firming the breast tissues!

But if you do not want to hibernate your bra, a good alternative is to pass, on the breast, an ice cube wrapped in a handkerchief with a slight circular massage: you will see that will thank you ;-)!

For more chilly, an alternative to ice cube consists in passing on the breast, while you are under the shower, the jet of water at different temperatures, starting from that warm to get to that cold.

In this way, the capillaries will gymnastics, consequently improving circulation!


The skin of the breast has a low percentage of the sebaceous glands and, therefore, tends to dry lot, with the risk of developing premature wrinkles in a way.

So, apply skin cosmetics targeted is a great help, as it has to do it for our facial ;-)!

Did you know that there are, in fact, although sera to the breast? These products are very good also to prevent the appearance of stretch marks , as well as to enhance the action of specific creams to apply on!

Also put the cream in the right way is very important: we must start from the beginning décolleté and making a circular massage that starts from the center of the chest to the outside, and then climb along the line of the collarbones and then down to the sternum.

Eventually it passes breast,  which will be surrounded by positioning the cupped hands and performing a rocking motion by gently circular movements.

And now we come to a product that is giving satisfaction not only for the face but also for the breast: the patches! Like those for the face, apply on the affected area and are enriched with components designed to tone and firm, to fight the loss of tissue elasticity and, in some cases, you also have a slight anti-aging filler effect.

Beauties, that’s not all: you know, to have a boiled natural breast, we can have valuable allies as certain foods, some of them very sweet tooth?

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