How to Buy Bed Linens

Linens for bed we can not sleep in direct contact with the mattress, in this way, changing them often, we will ensure good hygienic conditions and look nice on the bed reassembled. Read the Guide to know the characteristics, types, and how to choose which of sheets per bed based on criteria of quality, price and accurate information to the consumer.

The sheets, along with the blanket and the pillow are the dress of our bed and as such are one of the key issues at the root of a good sleep. When we speak of sheets, usually we have:

  • A double bed sheet with corners
    This type of sheet is inserted directly onto the mattress cover. It has a rectangular shape, is made with the traditional fabrics used sheets and has as main characteristic to be fitted with rubber bands in the corners. In this way you can keep the sheet firmly anchored to the mattress so likely discomfort during sleep. If together with the fitted sheet corners you want then use the top sheet so it is appropriate that the two types of sheets are well matched for color and fantasy.But the latter is a very personal choice, because in fact we can also buy fitted sheet corners separately and match it to the rest of the sheets according to our tastes.
  • A superior double bed sheet
    The top sheet is a sheet placed between the blanket and bed sheet to corners and therefore the link between our body and the cover itself, which in this way is not in direct contact with the skin.For this reason, the sheets are always soft and of different fabric depending on the type of season. Than at angles then the top sheet is always a bit bigger, even than the bed itself. The reason is mainly practical, a very large sheet is able to wrap ourselves completely, thus preventing some parts of our bodies remain uncovered.

The sheets can be made with different fabrics such as wool, linen, flannel, fleece, silk, cotton and acrylic. Wool and fleece materials are mostly used in the padding of the sheet. While the silk, absolutely the best fabric, most expensive choice. For the winter are more suitable flannel sheets, fleece and wool, while summer is preferable to opt to cotton, linen, acrylic and silk. Needless to say that among all the best are natural ones, cost a bit more than synthetics but on the other hand offer greater comfort and allow the skin to breathe and perspire.

Once the sheets were made with different fabrics, often rough like hemp and raw cotton. It is easy to find this kind of sheets in the old grandmother and great-grandmother, those kits. Surely this is very nice sheets that offer to the viewer a rustic look and retro, but of comfort are certainly not the best choice, as stiff and uncomfortable.

But How to choose the best bed linens to suit your needs? The selection focuses mainly on the type of fabric, let us see them together:

  • Silk
    The best fabrics are undoubtedly the natural ones.However it’s always good to be careful, although natural materials can still create problems to our body and thus adversely affect sleep. Among all fabrics easily one of the best is the silk. It is a very soft fiber are not natural but also cool in summer, and thus able to permeate the skin, and warm during the coldest periods because insulation.
  • Hemp
    Alternatively you can also opt to hemp silk, a fabric, this, certainly less prized than the last, but equally functional and definitely very resistant.
  • Cotton
    Among the manynatural fabrics as cotton is sold. The qualities of this fibre are numerous, as well as absorb sweat, not a problem to the skin and is a very durable fabric, washable even at very high temperatures. If you decide to buy cotton sheets is always a good idea to move towards organic cotton, whose cultivation is carried out using all-natural substances.
  • Lino
    For those who can’t stand the heat and are designed with high perspiration is preferable to linen sheets.Flax, you know, than cotton or other fibers is much more fresh, and able to dissipate heat. It is also a type fabric hypoallergenic and antibacterial, as has the ability, very important not to retain dirt and detergent residues.