How to Avoid Moisture in Bathroom

Molsture is a veritable scourge in the bathroom. Difficult to come to end, especially for large families. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions.

Avoid moisture in a bathroom: a coating water repellent

The bathroom is a wet room. It is an environment conducive to the proliferation of molds, huskinson and other fungi. So, to keep healthy and clean walls, it is essential to choose a waterproof coating. For example, Acrylic paint. It contains a movie protector anti-mould and fungicides, which stemmed the appearance of the spots. If you opt for tile, take special care to the laying of the joints. Perfectly watertight, they avoid that water seeps to the level of the tub and the sink.

Avoid moisture: ventilate the bathroom

Open the window every day. No need to air out for hours and hours. 10 minutes is enough to renew the air of the room, and at the same time, eliminate the humidity. If your bathroom has no opening to the outside, create a draught.

Avoid damp: a good ventilation in the bathroom

Install a ventilation. Its main mission is simple: circulate the air in your home. There are several models. The VMC, controlled, mechanical ventilation is the most efficient process. With a single or double flow, she captures the air in the House, then rejects it outwards. A must: the hydroreglable VMC. This ingenious process regulates its flow depending on the humidity level. The VMR, distributed, mechanical ventilation is simpler to install. On the same principle, the VMP, one-time mechanical ventilation, fires automatically when you turn on the lamp. VMI, mechanical ventilation by insufflation, works a little different. This system injects nine air forward to propel the exhaust to the outside air.
Natural ventilation is based on a thermal circulation. The temperature difference between the air inside and outside causes air movement. For this, it is necessary to install a low in order to introduce fresh air ventilation grille and a high grid to expel hot air.

Avoid moisture: the absorbers chemical

Chemical absorbers of moisture using the absorbing powers of hydrophilic crystals. They capture moisture, then her drip. You need then to empty the tray from time to time.

Avoid moisture: barriers waterproof

Water attacks the walls. To prevent this phenomenon, two possibilities are offered to you. The first: the injection of resin. It creates a protective film at the feet of the walls or partitions. The second: the injection of silicone. Simple to apply and ecological, it effectively fights moisture even when it is already present in the room.

Avoid moisture: reinforce the isolation of its bathroom

The bathroom should not be overheated, but be maintained at a comfortable temperature (around 19 ° C) minimum. Hot air is the best remedy against moisture. Therefore, to reduce heat loss. This requires the implementation of double glazed windows and good insulation. In the latter case, the panels in extruded polystyrene are very effective. As a bonus, they do not fear the water.

Avoid moisture: to call a professional

Despite all these tips, you are still not at end of moisture? Then call a professional. This expert will establish an accurate diagnosis to identify the source of your problem and direct you on the proper treatment.