Horticulture LED Grow Lights

The horticultural LED, it grows.

Horticulture LED Grow Lights

LED is revolutionizing every day a little more the middle of lighting: more power for less consumption and production more and more low prices. You have always wanted to be able to push the ‘Mint’ home but the existing light sources were too greedy… once more, LED fly to your rescue. LED, as lighting solution, is needed in all sectors and all uses. Therefore, it is not surprising to find her in horticulture. These LEDS are called horticultural LED.

Horticulture and LED?

If you spend your time head in light bulbs, horticulture does you not necessarily. Led Flash has prepared a brief review. Horticulture is a neologism from the latin “hortus” which means garden and “cultus”, which translates as culture (this one is easy…). Horticulture is the art to practice the culture of vegetables, flowers, trees or fruit shrubs and plant garden ornaments. Unlike agriculture which aims the mass production of such or such plant, horticulture focuses on smaller amounts and allows the culture of a number of varieties of plants on the same place. Thanks to its reduced crop surfaces, horticulture lends itself very well to the culture under artificial light. The LED so quickly attacked this sector under the horticultural name of LED and has experienced important growth driven by the low consumption LED technology.

The horticultural LED how it grows?

Plants don’t make distinctions. The light is the light no matter what the source. The horticultural LED is therefore no exception, and when we know that, for optimal growth, a plant must be illuminated between 12 and 14 hours a day we quickly understand the advantage of the LED can bring in terms of consumption. Since horticulture uses the horticultural LED, it has been proven that it was under this new technology the shoot gives the best results. The reason for these good results is linked with the low heat of the horticultural LED in confined space in which the cultivation takes place. The horticultural grows under LED reduced odors released by cultivated plants which can dispense a normally used charcoal filter and therefore additional savings. Another advantage of horticultural culture under LED is that the ignition does not peak electric consumption which allows to define ranges of light thanks to a simple mechanical programmer without risk of fire.

LED horticultural lighting has a bright future in front of him. However, let’s face, France part of horticulture is not used to grow plants completely legal and many websites offer advice and materials. This grey market is booming and the manufacturers and distributors of horticultural LED have understood and hide less and less.

Hetongdiy invites you to discover a new project on horticultural LED: Sky my radishes, which proposes to set up a vegetable garden in your company to grow such as the Basilica and thus create social links. Led-Flash advise you to inform you.

Led-Flash however prefer parts plants and remains in the great classics of lighting with a wide range of LED light sources.