Home Office – Take Your Questions

I love offices, this is one of the topics that I most loved working during my architecture school, and after graduating my first projects were just offices, but today I’m going to treat the home office, or home offices.

Home Office – Take Your Questions

In fact the term home office for the architecture or interior means the work space in the residential environment, a private office compact that we use when have to study or work at home.

But, the concept of home office related to self-employment, or working freelance can be more broad, covering people who also work in cafes, bars, squares, etc. That is, it has more to do with people who work outside of companies in public or private.

It is like to work in a Home Office?

There are lots of people that imagine that you work in a Home Office is a delight, who does not have hours that people work little, enjoying the comfort of home, etc. Only that it is not so not!

I’ve worked for a long time at home and I can say that the work is the same if not pulled over yet and the people who work at home have to take care to not skip over the hours of rest.

Usually those who usually work at home have to have a routine, waking up on time, do the tasks as you would in a conventional office, because anyone who has customers and makes remote care has to be available in business hours in the same way.

If this does not happen the routine home becomes a mess, the work starts late and ends late and people begin to move, each time more the time of sleep.

There are people who prefer it that way, because the night does not have much external noise and it is possible to work in peace, but it is not a healthy routine. Since, our body is programmed to sleep at night and stay awake during the day and not the opposite.

Another problem of working at home is the feeling of confinement, because the house that once was her place of refuge from the rush of the day-to-day life and work, is now part of your job.

You wake up and is already at work, lunch at work, sleep at work, that place that before you for relaxing turns into a place of work and your psychological perception of your living space, the home also changes.

You feel trapped inside of your own home and have the need to get out more often to “relax”, because your home is no longer the place in which you rest.

Worse still when the office is located in the room, because of all environments of a residence, the bedroom is the most private, intimate and cosy, in the room that people should relax and forget the problems. Then imagine take the problems of working inside the room.

Of course, if you don’t work at home and only have a small office to study or read once in a while, no problem. But, if the work is steady avoid making the home office in the bedroom.

What is the best place for a Home Office?

Everything will depend on your type of work, and also of the space that you have available at home. For example, for a (the) icing () that does its work in house, the kitchen is the workplace. For those who work online, it can be a corner in the living room, a room that is not in use.

It is important to have natural lighting and ventilation, and allow a vista to rest the look, especially for those who work on the computer.

So it is preferable to avoid corridors and locations enveloped – those kind quartinhos terrible employees who are in some ancient apartment that are inhuman, no lighting, no ventilation and no space.

Home Office – Decoration

Another important issue is the decoration of the Home Office, in fact not itself a decoration or adornments in and of itself, but the space planning and ergonomics for those working at home if you feel comfortable. What is more to the interior architecture of the office of the decoration of it.

People who do not work at home, you just need a space to study or to carry out quick tasks sporadically do not need to worry too much about the ergonomics, you can use chairs design, beautiful and charming, but that are not ideas for anyone who works 8 hours per day in the Home Office.

The people that really make your work at home need an appropriate space to work, with an ergonomic chair, a table wide, with storage cabinets for files and documents, screen holder and adjustable rest for the feet.

Because an office chair ergonomic?

The simple fact is that if you spend 8 hours or more sitting in the same position, if your chair is not certified with foams of high density, adjustable arms, adjustable height, backrest and adjustable driver seat height adjustable, you’ll probably feel pain in your back, neck, shoulder. And the pain is the least of his problems, because bad posture can cause damage and wear permanent.

And the cost of an office chair ergonomic certified and an office chair tosca with the face of the presidential seat (those with redinhas market) is virtually the same.

It is not because you are working at home that must get uncomfortable, on the contrary since it is you yourself that will choose your office furniture worth investing in your health and in your comfort.

Lighting for the Office

Another important aspect of the home office is the lighting of the work area, the lighting should be uniform and clear, you can even use spots to highlight a wall with frames, but on the table of the office, the light must be uniform.

The natural lighting is very important and you must take care that the light does not reflect on the screen of the computer, the ideal is that the position of the table allows the view of the external area.

To avoid the hassle with the light notice how the sun behaves in the environment, if the sun’s rays come in in the morning, afternoon or in both the periods of the day, in which walls the rays focus. That way it will be easier to determine the position of the work table.

Colors for the Home Office

The neutral colors are always welcome in any environment. But, some colors are associated with creativity, the yellow and orange are stimulating colors that can help you stay focused on the job.

Light colors are great to increase the reflectance of the desktop, the colors darker and with more saturated color may be those that are in the back of your work table so as to not cause uncomfortable visual.

Blue and green are calming colors that can be options for someone who is very energetic and eager. In this case it is good to avoid the red, the yellow and the orange in saturated tones.

The shades of dark blue represent security, honesty and intelligence, the dark blue and the arm form a great combination, with interesting contrast. As well as red and white.

Already the orange and yellow fall very well with dark tones, and the median of the grey and concrete, since they are the colors more vibrant and bright.

Table for Computer

A lot of people sets off in search of furniture for the office, and if you disappoint with the models that is out there, avoid the tables in the computer that has little space for the legs, with drawers and keyboard support. These things hinder the movement of the legs.

Preference for models of tables more free, with a maximum of a duct for wiring built-in, which will help you a lot to organize the cables.

The tables clear and opaque are ideal to reflect light and improve the visibility of your work area, but if the brightness is too intense, you can opt for tables in the dark. An economical option are the tables on the easel, or even a good past in the shops of used furniture.

The ideal depth of the table is 70 cm and the optimum width of at least 100 cm, but you can also opt for the larger models with 120 cm and 150 cm.

If you need measurements smaller to fit your space, the joinery is a good option, some stores, office furniture also make adaptations by order. However, I do not recommend a depth less than 60 cm nor a width less than 80 cm, unless you want to feel like a telemarketer.

Other Furniture for the Office

In addition to the table is essential to have spaces to organize documents, and other papers, you can be a shelf with boxes organizers, or a small chest of drawers with folder organizer, or if you need to organize lots of papers, a cabinet is the best option.

I like having a chest of drawers always close to the work table, is where I leave the most important documents that are frequently used.

Already in the cabinet office that is further away, I organize my old files, which are almost never used. A shelf of books is another acquisition nice, it is nice to let the books will show, not to look smart, but to bring a bit of color and dynamism to the look of the office.

Another item that I like to incorporate in the projects of the office are the frames of writing, to organize ideas, draw projections, to write your goals.

Home Office Photos

It is now with more pictures of Home Offices to inspire and start planning your own home office.

Organize your Time

Focus is a challenge for anyone who works at home, not by the will to make a break for a few belisquetes in the kitchen, it is because at home always have something to do that’s not part of your job. Then put the goals daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly in a frame is important.

Has various software that can help to control the time, some even monitor the time wasted and even block the networks of the social, or that helps you manage tasks such as ASANA and others.

Well as I said this is a special post, for this I went a little more in addition to the architecture, to show a little of my experience in a Home Office.

If you are thinking of starting to work at home and still have questions you can write in the comments below, or if you already work and want to leave your testimony will be very valuable to people who seek other points of view and experiences.

A big hug and until the next post.