Home Design Blogs to Follow

If you like to decorate your home, you probably like reading blogs on decorating. Today, with the popularization of the Internet and blogs, thousands of blogs are popped on the Internet about decorating of all tastes, styles and aspirations. Virtually everyone can have a blog with photos of decorative exploits, including you. It is very difficult to make a selection of decorating blogs because there are so many good blogs. The quality in this medium doesn’t miss, although there is also a lot of bad ones. We did our personal selection depend on our team’s private subjective criteria. You probably do not know the blogs listed below. But it is an opportunity to add new sources of study, research and entertainment.

  1. Design to inspire: a collection of beautiful pictures and inspirational references for you who like to decorate interiors. Visit: http://www.designparainspirar.com.br/
  2. ArquiTrecos: Carla Maciel writes posts about decorating, architecture, crafts, travel and other various topics, which are always illustrated with cool images. To access the ArquiTrecos, copy and paste this link in your browser: http://www.arquitrecos.com/
  3. Decoration findings: blog of Carmen Martin, a tasteful and stylish woman, an expert in interior design. Her blog gives good tips for you who enjoys decorating and want spending less. If you follow, it will give you about ten posts monthly with several tips for your home. Access: http://achadosdedecoracao.blogspot.com.br/
  4. Blog Decoration: it is the fourth blog on our list. There are several categories with dozens of quality articles on decor. Here are some examples of categories that you can visit now and see several articles: decoration of rooms ,bathrooms decoration and home decoration ;
  5. Nail Fashion: this is not exactly about the decoration of houses, parties and etc. But decorating nails! You may be puzzled and dissatisfied about a blog that is not part of the decor in the strict sense of the term, but unfortunately we could not fail to disclose that the blog is our friend.

Before reading blogs, it was common for lovers of decoration to inform and consume galleries of inspiration and tutorials for magazines that is specialized in decoration and crafts. This scenario has changed a lot. Although the magazines still exist, sales fell dramatically with the advent of the internet. As there are many blogs about decorating, it is very difficult for any media to remain majority in this medium. And the decor is no longer a kind of smaller niches, since today there are several types of decor for all tastes, styles and aspirations. There are many places where you can find other media content. For example, on EverHomeDecor.com, you can find free videos with step-by-step introduction for you to perform various home design tutorials. It is virtually a school free of charge. It is a vessel that can provide many possibilities.

Do you know any of the blogs linked above? What decorating blog you usually read? How do you think of blogs listed above? Do you have suggestions for blogs? What do you think of fashion magazines? Review!