Hippo Dodo Nuit Etoilé

While I was pregnant, we had to find a gift for the baptism of the son of our friends. With my darling, so we walked the shelves for children (that we didn’t know yet) and we immediately flashed on the little Hippo. The Hippo Dodo has joined the many toys of this little boy (yes I say it’s a toy because is not only a night light, but also a stuffed animal!).

When the small chip decided to point the tip of his nose in my can little time after, we thought the different giftsthat we could put in the list of birth, and we thought of course this night light.

How to tell you this night light is a little magic! She asleep my chip at a glance, and she loves it! As soon as I forget to put it or I think that it is unnecessary to turn it on, she lets me know that she’s not happy!

If you still hesitate on my enthusiasm, leave the test I made it especially for you.

Sleep under the stars with the Hippo Dodo

The Hippo Dodo is a night light that besides play music, projecting stars in your child’s room. What is nice is that the Hippo Dodo is a variation of lights and diffuse several colors (up to two simultaneous): red, green, yellow and blue. Suddenly, your little one does not tire when he tries to fall asleep, focuses on the light and finally closed his little eyes…

It is possible to turn off the pilot light or to let her turn on a single color. Sometimes I turn off the light for the NAPs in the day but never to put one color…

Of all sweet sounds to soothe baby

The pilot offers four modes of listening: 7 stories, 12 sounds of nature, 60 melodies and 3 lullabies. There is what to do to not get tired! Unfortunately the pilot light does not play songs randomly… But it didn’t seem to bother my chip (anyway it’s well known that children never tire of repetitive things Unlike us).

When changing the listening mode, there is generally a voice or a strong enough music that announces the new mode. It’s nice when the child plays with the pilot light but not when we want to change when he is asleep. Better to avoid to do during his sleep, or so turn it down before!

A cute little hippo

Now let’s look at the object. The hippopotamus has the advantage of being very light and resistant. A child can play with no problem and it’s rather nice because with all the technology there is in it we could expect a fairly heavy object.

Regarding autonomy, I must say it is very good! I use it every day for all NAPs and all the big sleep for 2 months and it’s only now that I had to change the batteries. However, be sure to put the batteries of good quality in order to make the most of this night light.

It is possible to set the timer on the back burner: 15, 30 and 45 minutes. The Dodo Hippo turns off automatically without intervention on our part.

The Dodo Hippo has the advantage of automatically trigger when baby cries, and it’s really convenient based on Estaterealest! Sometimes my chip calls for music in the middle of his sleep. With the automatic release, no need to go in the room and risk to wake her, the night light does for us!

To summarize…

Nobody is perfect, each has its qualities and its defects and it’s part of their charm, like this little Hippo. In any case, my daughter love it and can’t live without when she seeks her sleep.

What we love:

  • many music
  • the timer
  • the autonomy
  • triggering automatic when baby cries

What we like:

  • A bit too loud listening mode ads
  • music that do not play in a random order

Have you ever used this night light? What do you think? Your child love it too?