High Performance Headlights

Beacon For Safety Of All

Lighthouse and flashlight are not accessories to embellish the bike, they have an enormous responsibility to ensure your safety at night and pedal in the daytime too, and thinking that test the headlights and taillights of high-performance Xeccon, trails with total absence of light, and we ended up discovering that in addition to light very well, they are made of noble materials, which does not come apart or deteriorate and has a great design.

There’s no point in you use a modern bike, suitable to your Bio Type, shoes and pedals according to the mode you chose, even comfortable, secure and well-adjusted helmet and a tactical flashlight to light your way and be seen by drivers and pedestrians. Abundant lighting and with autonomy cannot be delivered by small and weak, lanterns with batteries that look like batteries, it is necessary to have a powerful and battery out of the lighthouse or the helmet, you can put it in the back pocket of the shirt, in the bag or on biking for example, in the more favourable position and protected.

With different models and configurations, the new line of Xeccon brings beacons 1600 to 2500 Lumens, which are stronger than headlights of cars, several possibilities of fixation and useful accessories, switches and shielded cables, optical lenses and anodized aluminum body. The switches have a light system which notifies you by color battery status, and it all comes packaged in a practical travel bag, with niches separated by avoiding risks or loss of travel accessories.

Lithium batteries are rechargeable and your Sansung’s autonomy goes from 3:30 to 11:30 h, depending on the beacon and illumination mode chosen. The kit has electric charger bivolt, and the maximum time to recharge is 5:50 h.

Xeccon Lanterns

The lanterns are available in two sizes, square and rectangular, and both have the auto brake light effect. During use, identify the absence of accelerometers movement making the flashlight light as a brake light. The system works in the intermittent mode (blink blink) and lit, showing direct light even stronger when we interrupt the movements (Mars model 60).

The small square Lantern Geinea III has power of 10 Lumens multiplied by optical lens. The rectangular Lantern Mars has 60 power 60 Lumens and all your housing lights up while connected.
The lanterns have built-in rechargeable batteries using USB outlets for recharging.

It is very important to use headlights and lantern during the day, increasing your security, making you more visible in the eyes of drivers and pedestrians, and during the night, use your lighting in the most intense manner possible and not directed to the coming in the opposite direction of via for obvious reasons.

Remember, your security doesn’t just come of the helmet, and a set of attitudes.