HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle Review

Matching and smart gimmicks for the smartphone or tablet can be found now abound and are enjoying ever greater popularity now company Hidrate has unveiled its new product HidrateMe. For the smart water bottle is also currently a Kickstarter campaign.

Hidrate Inc. has developed a smart water bottle helps one drink per app. HidrateMe has a capacity of 710 milliliters and is constructed from PBA-free Tritan plastic. In addition, the bottle should be dishwasher safe. A sensor is fitted inside the bottle, which stores and displays as you drank a lot. The information is then sent to the appropriate Android or iOS app. This calculated daily fluid needs as information such as height, weight, age and activity level, while factors such as ambient temperature and altitude can play a role and be added to. The HidrateMe bottle is to ensure that the user takes always some liquid to him. Because drinking but time enough to begin to glow the bottle as a warning.

Currently advertise the makers of HidrateMe on Kickstarter for support, to be able to manufacture the bottle as standard. With much success, for 13 days before the end of the campaign already more than 5000 Kickstarter visitors have supported the campaign and so the funding target was more than tenfold from $ 35,000. Currently stands at just under $ 400,000 campaign. Who incidentally who variously want secure colors available bottles in five; one must invest converted approximately 40 euro. When the financing campaign still the 450,000 U.S. dollar brand hit the developers want to unveil a more color. The shipping of the bottle is provided from December 2015 and is scheduled for worldwide.