Heartburn in Pregnancy: What to Eat and What to Take

Heartburn in pregnancy is a fairly common disorder in both early in the last quarter. In these delicate periods, the body undergoes important transformations, enter the bloodstream many hormones including progesterone, which promotes relaxation of the abdominal muscles, particularly of the uterus, and the valve said “cardia”, the purpose of which is to prevent juices stomach to go up into the esophagus to prevent irritation. The relaxation of this valve is one of the main causes of heartburn in early pregnancy. In recent months, the main cause is the weight of the baby inside the uterus, which puts pressure on the same muscle. Then we discover the remedies, the symptoms, what to eat and what to take.

What to eat

To avoid burning and bloating first will be important to make simple changes to our daily habits starting from meals, which will be broken into many small snacks. As for dinner, it is recommended to consume at least 2 hours before bedtime so as not to interfere with proper digestion.
To avoid stomach acid during pregnancy is important to completely eliminate from the diet fried, fatty, spicy foods, coffee and fizzy drinks, which promote the onset of the disorder. Particularly recommended some vegetables including lettuce, useful for adjusting the acid secretions in the stomach, the root of gingembro, gum to relieve the burning, and finally the fennel, ideal for those suffering from digestive problems. Fortunately milk and yogurt are important allies to combat this disorder, relieve symptoms almost immediately.


What to take

To fight the burning, doctors often prescribe drugs based on aluminum and magnesium salts, to be taken according to their instructions. As for the natural remedies, the classic glass of milk after meals is certainly very effective to alleviate the symptoms. Excellent also the water of melissa, to be taken diluted in water and easily available in any health food, and to the base of fennel herbal teas, useful for aiding digestion.