Headlamp Black Diamond 200 Lumens Spot Head Flashlight

Headlight Black Diamond Spot 200 Lumens
Color – Black
-Power and bright 200 lumens power, fully adjustable;
-Has a new Power Tap technology, allows a quick transition of lighting;
-Waterproof flashlight, guaranteed by IPX8 protection rating that allows the flashlight to be submerged up to 1.1 meters underwater for 30 minutes;
-Powerful beam is ideal for finding anchors in a rocky wall or illuminating a trail in a dark night;
-Has proximity mode is ideal for tasks in the camp such as reading, cooking or organizing your objects in the car;
-It has a lock mode, which prevents your flashlight from being accidentally triggered when stored in your backpack or pocket;
-Red LEDs in addition to reducing eye fatigue, assists during night vision;
-With this Lantern you can practice mountaineering, climbing, cartographic navigation, water sports (Rafting, canoeing, rowing), instructors and mountain guides;
-Its impermeability makes this model the perfect choice for anyone who wants a reliable flashlight in the presence of heavy rains, as it is a waterproof flashlight;
-Battery charge indicator light on 3 levels lights up 3 seconds after turning on the Flashlight: Green (50% or more), yellow (20% or more) and red (less than 20%);
-Uses 3 AAA batteries;
– Maximum power 200 lumens-80 m-50h;
– Minimum power 4 lumens-16 m-200h;
– High light+dimming for continuous brightness control;
– Peripheral light+dimming;
– Strobe;
– Night vision (red light) with strobe option;
– Lock (prevents accidentally turning on);
– The red night vision mode has proximity, strobe and active settings without cycling through the white light mode;
– Stylish, low-profile design utilizes three AAA batteries, a three-level power meter shows the remaining battery life for three seconds after turning on the flashlight;
– Settings include: full power in proximity and distance, darkening, strobe, red night vision and lock mode;
– IPX8: Waterproof;
– Torch tested for operations submerged up to 1.1 meters underwater for 30 minutes;
– If submerged, water may enter the battery compartment and will still work, but then it must be completely dried;
– Power in Lumens: 200;
– Weight with batteries: 90 g;
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