Google Removed The Images, Probably Due to Problems with The LTE The 4 Nexus Factory

The Nexus 4 is coming out a little fish to Google in a matter of global support. Since the chaos that caused its sales to the need for updates urgent through announced USB OTG to then not have it, but this goes a step beyond what many could imagine. After a 4.2.1 with several failures, the movement that just make no doubt leaves a feeling of uncertainty.

The last action by Google has been remove the last factory image of AOSP, corresponding to 4.2.1 Android Nexus 4. This version still some other fault, but they were not so severe as to remove some files which helped the development of ROMs and recover the phone if you want to go back to the factory State.

There is much speculation with requests from the FCC, responsible company that can operate different devices, because of the problem emerged with the LTE in telephone networks has been. Apparently, the chip, they thought inoperable despite not carry antenna or aplificador for LTE networks that can operate in such networks with software modifications.

It is safest to back in time with some system that prevents the use of these networks. For the moment, it is recommended to anyone who wants to modify the ROM of your Nexus 4 do it with ROMs that have been proved safe and always doing nandbackup for what could happen