Google I / O: The Web is Taking Time Radio, Newspapers and Magazines, But Not TV

Today on the first day of the conference Google I / O in San Francisco, Vice President Vic Gundotra showed an interesting slide early in your presentation. It shows the increase in the time people spend on the web between 2004 and 2009 compared to the time spent with other media.

  • Not surprisingly, we see that the internet was who else grew – the last time it has more than doubled, up 117%;
  • The time people spend listening to the radio was the most fell, leaving in 2009 18% lower than it was in 2004;
  • The time spent reading newspapers has fallen almost as much as the radio, 17%;
  • Reading magazines was not as bad as the newspapers, fell 6% in the period.
  • The time people spend watching TV did not actually fall, but has not grown. Between 2004 and 2009, the TV remained stable, with the time devoted to it ranging 0%.

That is, great news for Google invests almost exclusively in the media fastest growing and still try to bring to television, the only media beyond the web that has been able to resist almost unscathed to modern times. [TechCrunch]