Gold Ankle Chains with Charms

Chain – this is a universal women’s jewelry that can be worn as a separate and a pendant. Despite its simplicity, this gem is very advantageous product that looks good and can complement the festive ornament, and business suit.

Classic Kinds of Knitting Female Silver and Gold Chains

There are quite a variety of knitting, which determines the appearance of the product and its durability:

  • The most famous and often anchor braid – it oval units are arranged perpendicular to one another. This circuit is ideal for everyday wear, especially good look at the young people.
  • Weaving of “Bismarck”, also called “Cardinal” or “Kaiser” is easily recognizable – it has several fastened together paths. This option is also considered a classic and is characterized by reliability. “Bismarck” enjoys popularity among the ladies of the beautiful half of mankind who want to show their integrity.
  • Pantsirnoe weaving may be determined on a flat polished links. Such technology most often choose women who appreciate convenience, as this type of circuit is not twisted, but it looks quite elegant.
  • One of the original types of weaving, jewelry chains weaving “Figaro.” Technique involves alternating oval and round links. This option will surely impress girls who aspire to look unusual and stylish.

What kind of knitting gold or silver chain choose to solve value depending on the age of the future and hostess of this, for what purpose it was acquired. For very young fashionistas have preferred more durable opportunities for young girls are appropriate in light weightlessness, knitting, mature women stylists advise to choose a more solid models.

Fantasy Female Kinds of Knitting Chain

If you want to buy original on, in the informal setting, you need to pay attention to the types of knitting chain of silver and gold. To this concern:

  •  Spread;
  • Weaving “snail”
  • Weaving “love”;
  • Link, referred to as “snake,” “tons,” “foxtail”.

With beautiful chain can no work to highlight its attractiveness and emphasize individuality. And if you purchase several models of chains of varying length and Pletenie, this is your way will always be bright and clean.