Gifts For Newborns

Gifts for newborns are often asked.The birth of a new inhabitant of the earth is usually celebrated extensively in the family and friends’ circle.The appropriate gifts for newborns should not be missing in any case.If you want to give something that is loved by the parents and the child in the long run, you should think about which gifts for newborn babies fall from the usual frame and are nevertheless practical and beautiful.

Gift ideas and tips

Gifts for newborns

We present five gifts for newborns who are a good alternative to the classic bodysuit.In the case of a gift for the baby, you should choose something that parents do not have at home. Our tips are suitable for both boys and girls.

Gifts for newborns: gauze towels

Let’s start with a very nice gift for newborns. The gauze cloths of the brand “aden + anais” were sold out after the birth of the British throne, George. The royal baby was protected by a cloth of this brand from prying eyes, and immediately parents from all over the world wanted to have such a cotton towel. The large gauze towels are very practical as presents for newborns. These oversized spits are ideal for babies’ babies, serve as sun and eye protection in the baby carriage and can replace the baby blanket on hot days.
The basis of the popular products of “aden + anais” are white muslin cloths, which are printed with attractive motifs. The great quality of the cloths and the high-quality printing leave the whole family happy for this gift. Conclusion : There are much cheaper gauze towels, but with these cloths in the crawling group there is certainly no confusion.

Gifts for newborns: Twilight Turtle

If you want to help the parents of a baby to find a more regulated sleep rhythm, one of the great sleepers of Cloud B should give. Especially the cute Twilight Turtle, a night light in turtle shape, comes with freshly baked parents well. The star projection from the tank of the turtle reassures the little baby. Pleasant music underscores the effect of the starry sky and the color selection of the stars can be individually selected from four different colors.
Conclusion : The Twilight Turtle can accompany the child over many years and as an evening friend help to fall asleep.Depending on the animal and function, Cloud B night lights cost between 30-50 EUR so that these gifts for newborns are something for every purse.

Gifts for newborns: kite watch over the baby

A very simple, inexpensive gift for newborns is the GOKI Dragon Mobile. Among the gifts for newborns, this mobile is an absolute secret tip. The kites will quickly spread throughout the circle as the babies love the clear color of the kite and the movement of the mobile. The mobile can be attached ideally over the winding area and facilitates the parents there through the deflection the putting on and taking off. But also attached to the baby bed, the cheerful dragons will pull the eyes of the newborn out.
Conclusion : For only 10 EUR, the Dragon Mobile is a great, inexpensive gift for a baby.Thanks to the good workmanship and the high-quality design, the parents will not come to the fact that among all the gifts, this mobile is a cheap alternative – until they buy it for themselves as a gift.

Gifts for newborns: diapers – (k) a gift to throw away

Diapers are the absolute classic gifts for newborns. There is hardly anything that strains the money bags of a young family as much as the daily dose of diapers. The popular diapers of Pampers can now be ordered online not only in the single pack, but are also offered as subscription. Especially for godparents or grandparents who are looking for long-term, meaningful gifts for newborns, this is a great idea. At regular intervals, diapers and wet wipes are delivered directly to your home and the size of the products is adapted to your age.
With this expensive but very popular gift, the parents and the baby are not only given a financial relief, but also get something much more precious – time!The constant shopping of hygienic products is no longer necessary and the young family can spend more time with each other.If you do not want to spend a long time with the baby gift, you should ask the parents which diaper size is currently needed.

Gifts for newborns: cuddling and cuddling – a life long

Steiff’s handkerchiefs are also great gifts for newborns. The soft, handy cloths are already in the hands of the very youngest in the hands.
The cute cuddly toys are made of rectangular pieces of fabric, which have a classic cuddly toy head in the middle. Especially the hare towels fascinate babies very much, because the long soft ears are not only for cuddling but also for the first gripping and biting attempts the ideal form.
They quickly become indispensable companions by day and by night. Steiff’s cuddly hand towels are slightly more expensive compared to other cuddles, but the name here keeps what it promises. Even after many years and many washings the animals keep their shape and the fabrics remain soft and pleasant.