Get Inspired In Jeans Shirt

The versatility of the jeans shirt allows the composition of several looks for the day to day. Combine them with printed pants for a simple look, modern Tidy the. For hot days, fold the sleeves up to the thinner part of the arm, which in addition to elegant will make your silhouette leaner. 
The denim shirt with a round skirt leaves the look modern, but less delicate. The knot in the shirt, besides marking the waist, gives a different touch to the look.
The open denim shirt can replace a cardigan, vest or jacket. Ess the usad the over dressed leaves the visual is su modern per.
Jeans Shirt+Short Skirt+Basic Printed T-Shirt=Relaxed Look This composition is perfect for informal occasions, both day and night. The open jeans shirt superimposed on the shirt makes the look more fun;And the complements necklace, skirt, purse and espadrilles, look more neat.

For a fun and different touch, wear the jeans shirt tied around the waist and match it with a long printed skirt.
The c Amisa jeans combinad with c wine loop creates a vis ual b ASIelegant part for day to day.

Pencil Skirt+Jeans Shirt=Sophisticated Look. For this look you prefer heeled shoes and put the shirt inside the skirt.

The denim shirt, with one side inside, creates a modern look. The elegance of the look is completed by the collar around the collar.

Jeans Shirt+Skirt Jeans=Total Jeans
Combine jeans shirt and jeans skirt in a modern Total Jeans look. Be aware of light shades and many washings, as these can visually enhance the silhouette.

Jeans shirt, key piece in women’s wardrobe, combined with long printed skirt, simple and elegant look. To combine neutral, non-flashing accessories; The highlight should be all of the skirt.