Garden Lights – Solar LED Outdoor Lighting

LED outdoor lighting or solar is not only functional – it plays the role of an impressive and original accent in the garden. We’ll show you 85 charming and playful ideas on decorating the outside with lamps, fairy lights, LED spot lights, lamps of markup, etc.

Turn fully floral beds, garden path, the fountain and outdoor dining area.

Outdoor lighting that makes the atmosphere in the most special garden

The whole family enjoy the time spent together in the open air and the pleasure of being in the garden must not end with the dark. LED outdoor lighting is the ideal option to ensure you spend many hours in the garden, even when the Sun is more shining for a long time. It creates a magical and very nice atmosphere. At the same time, the lamps of markup will trace the route to follow, for you and your family avoid accidents. Here’s some advice on the installation of exterior lighting:

-The garden is made up of a few areas. The entrance, garden path, the stairs, the retaining wall, the fence, the pool and the garden pond – they all require good lighting, so that accidents can be avoided.

-Stand lights in the main areas – parterres of flowers, grass, fountain, etc. Thus, you will focus on them and, at the same time, on the decorative lights.

-The terrace itself must be well lit – so, gardeners will be able to enjoy the beauty of the garden even during the night.

Outdoor decorative lighting oo PHONECATIONS to highlight different areas in the garden

If you prefer light fixtures hung from the ceiling or walls, you have two options – LED spotlights / cleverly hidden in the grass, between the stones / shrubs / Alternatively, an elegant garden lamp as a real catchy. The first variant is often used in modern and minimalist, gardens, while the second – it can be seen in the classic English-style gardens, or in the exotic gardens of Mediterranean style.

LED spot lights installed in the sculpture garden, located near the pool

Garden fountain of classical style that attracts attention through built-in lights

Garden lamp metal which trace the road to follow in the dark garden

Garden lights are hidden between the borders of boxwood

Bright pond – yellow lights in the garden waterfall

Beautiful garden with flowers and trees pruned into a ball, driveway gravel and garden tags

Idea of original outdoor lighting Corten steel

Romantic atmosphere in the garden with gazebo white and luminous

Solar lights located at the bottom of each column of the Arbor wrought iron

Garden sculpture white and light that creates a romantic atmosphere next to the pool

Elegant terrace with dining, opulent vegetation and light strings

Terrace with barbecue, chairs and bench by woods, outdoor fireplace and Christmas lights

Optical fiber on the terrace for a very original light effect

Sky on the terrace? Yes, there is need that imagination and optical fiber

Nice terrace with stone, flowers and solar wall retaining wall

Nice terrace with romantic atmosphere thanks to the opulent vegetation and light strings

Round and illuminated garden pond by solar kiosks

Terrace with romantic, decorated with fairy lights and opulent vegetation atmosphere

Solar lights on the terrace – idea easy and convenient

Modern terrace with cylindrical planters, LED recessed spot lights and fiber optic

Nice atmosphere in the illuminated garden

Decorative lanterns LED as a decoration on stairs

Beautiful light garden waterfall

Idea of decorative outdoor lighting

Practical DIY lanterns in jars for Jam as a decoration in the garden

LED diamond-shaped paper lanterns

Blue LED outdoor lighting, wooden composite and furniture design garden terrace

Bet on a discreet outdoor lighting and magnify the outdoor spaces!

Furniture of sleek design and blue LED outdoor lighting enhance this beautiful modern garden!

Opt for LED outdoor lighting and set a subdued atmosphere!

Modern garden with a natural stone driveway and LED outdoor lighting