Fujistu Is Left with All of The Joint Venture Which Had with Toshiba

Without the impact that had the purchase of Sony Ericsson all by Japan’s Sony, but in a similar movement of market, Fujitsu is left with the entire company which had set up with Toshiba back in 2010.

Joined its Mobile Division to become more competitive in the market, but it seems that Fujitsu wants to take more seriously than the Toshiba, and stays with 19.9% owned by the second company.

The result is a new company named Fujitsu Mobile Communications Limited, with more than 300 employees and a capital of about $ 5 million, in addition to the backing of the Fujitsu Group for when you need it.

The interest of the company to appear in Europe, is spoken in Spain, and other major markets that not operated, has determined that Fujitsu to position itself in this way in the mobile market.

Fujitsu is a strong in Japan, from the hand of the operator KDDI, company and has Android and Windows Phone phones in catalog, especially notable for having the latest technology and many of them being water resistant.