FreeXperia Project 9 CyanogenMod Brings Us The Xperia Sony S

Whenever a new Android Hits the market, and has some popularity, home developers are flushed into it to develop different tools and ROMs to expand its uses. One of the most recent, the Sony Xperia S, has not gone unnoticed and cooks have already on your stove.

FreeXperia Project, a group of developers responsible for carrying smartphones Sony, CyanogenMod has released an unofficial version of the popular ROM for the Sony Xperia. In this way, we can upgrade our terminal to the latest version of Android and enjoy the benefits that offers Ice Cream Sandwich without modifications.

To install this ROM We have to change the recovery of the Xperia S. Therefore DooMLoRD recognized home developer, has modified ClockWorkMod to work on the flagship of the Japanese company. This version, eye, it is a modification of the original CWM and introduces several improvements as for example touch interface and haptic recognition.

The installation process is not particularly complex for what if we have a little bit of mana have no problem in carrying it out. The ROM, despite not being an official distribution, is fully operational Although there are some things that still don’t work like the FM radio and the HDMI connection. By the way, if you have not tried yet the Sony Xperia S take a look to the analysis that our colleague Damian has prepared.