Foundations Compared Bobbi Brown “00 – Alabaster” and “0 – Porcelain”

A post I had already planned, and determining what is for the light-skinned among us – the comparison between the Bobbi Brown Foundation in00 – Alabaster”and”0 – porcelain, the two brightest tones in the range.

-Conveniently located – also three different finishes, I should like to raise briefly.

“00 – Alabaster”: the brightest sound in the range and my personal Winter foundation. Many Yes tend to become even lighter in the winter, so two different foundations are recommended (not a must, but quite useful). In the drugstore I found yet not so bright hue. The only foundation that is even brighter (and I know), “pale” by NYX is (I was ever the foundations → Here).

The colour is very, very light beige – many argue that he would have a yellow cast, but I feel that not so, for me this is a lighter pink stitch more, if at all. However you can see it on the skin then also much better and the shade too again adapts to the skin, therefore, it is of course depending on what skin tone your skin has to to be able to say more.

With Bobbi Brown , there are different finishes at the foundations, so there is something for every type of skin. My skin is one of the so-called mixed skin. In itself it is normal, but tends to be an oily T-zone (forehead, nose, partly also sometimes my cheeks and Chin). So I need no oily foundations, but more moisturizing. Because I’m blessed with a good skin, which very often has impurities, also a slightly opaque Foundation enough for me, so I had already “skin Foundation” (more on this at the next Foundation).

The “natural finish long lasting foundation” is – as the name suggests – persistent, that is, she will remain longer on the skin than other foundations. I can actually say not much to keep with me both the “natural finish long lasting foundation” as well as the “skin Foundation” equally long. Only the “moisturizing cream compact Foundation” quicker from the skin thanks to the consistency of cream with me.

In addition, which is “natural finish long lasting foundation” something opaque as the “skin Foundation”. The “moisturizing cream compact Foundation”is also somewhat opaque as the “skin Foundation”, but less opaque than the”natural finish long lasting foundation” (at least it is with me).
You can make more opaque of course all finishes with powder and, if necessary, a subsequent layering. Depends of course, as you like.

“0 – porcelain”: my normal Foundationfarbe. You could see the difference to “00 – Alabaster” on the swatches much better. Unlike the alabaster, this shade is also slightly coloured, namely yellow-tinged.

There is a similar color with NYX, that would be “natural beige” (also → Here presented), a little bit brighter, but the end result is 99% the same.

The “skin Foundation” is a unique sheerer than the “natural finish long lasting foundation”. She is less opaque and feels even slightly liquid. Especially in summer the better choice, since it feels easier on the skin.

In addition to the “skin Foundation”, I have the “moisturizing cream compact Foundation” in “0 – porcelain”. I bought it me in the summer, when I was on the road with Sissy in Munich. What I was thinking, I’m not sure, because I can actually at least start with the finish. The finish is indeed rather oily me personally to greasy, especially during the summer. Therefore, it is what rather for the winter, at least for me. Maybe I should have then prefer it in “00 – Alabaster”.

That she is also oily, it feels too rich on the skin, moisturizing – as the name says -. Without powder over it I don’t like it on the skin. I find quite sticky finish. The result – in particular with powder – is beautiful opaque and just. It looks nice.

Also is a sponge for applying at the Foundation. I use it quite like this. Rather than with brush. So you can cover better better layers and bodies, who need it more. Also the mirror which is is handy.

Two little goodies that quasi repay that is less content in the Pack. Namely only 8 g (the other foundations are 30 ml in there…).

-“Skin Foundation”:40, €
-“Natural finish long lasting foundation”:40, €
-“Moisturizing cream compact Foundation”:39, €
(all are available such as → Douglas online )

And click here Vergleichsswatches , both on the inner side of the forearm and on the cheeks:

The “moisturizing cream compact Foundation” I no longer with compared now, because now exclusively dealing with the color comparison and because the “skin Foundation” and the “natural finish long lasting foundation” of the texture from most similar, or almost the same, I did continue with those:

Fully applied with makeup:

The difference is almost no longer recognize, therefore I have drawn a line in the face.”00 – Alabaster” fit to my skin now clearly better, also if the color a tiny bit brighter is. “0 – porcelain” is currently too dark and too yellow stitch side for me. I think that I’m the guy for “00 – Alabaster” generally more.

All swatches are by the way ‘pur’, so not the powdered. On the last picture, you can see well that creeps ’00 – Alabaster’ in the pores. If you not from powder that, it can happen that you can see with the naked eye, then this looks not so pretty – I’m “0 – porcelain” and the “skin Foundation” for the light texture grateful, because it looks not so.
Me that is personal but still “natural finish long lasting foundation” now prefer. I like the result very much and also color I am very happy!

I hope that my post was helpful and you a little showed the difference between the two colors.

If someone has a purchase, I recommend but anyway, to test the colors definitely only himself on the skin (this is of course only, if one has a shop nearby, sold the Bobbi Brown…), because the tones are then also a bit can customize and this other work the own skin color. So, to what extent it just goes, do not blindly buy – that can go sometimes pretty pants!