Fluorescent Bracelets Wholesale

Much loved by children and young people, the neon bracelets made trend for several years, becoming an indispensable fashion accessory for many women.

What are neon bracelets? It is colored bracelets that glow in the dark and that stand out even in the midst of a large crowd of a local, they were used mainly in clubs, then over time have become accessories to be used during the day and night.

How do neon bracelets

How do these fluorescent bracelets? Surely songaah.com has that question at least once you are all behind this great result there is a chemical process that will try to explain in the simplest possible way.

The first condition of the small tube is a flexible silicone or plastic outer container, inside there is a reagent, the most used is hydrogen peroxide, which manages to operate the chemical compound contained within a micro glass bulb the first tube. These bracelets contain no metals.

To get the lighting effect you have to bend the light sticks so that the bulb is broken so that the two compounds you blend, the reaction will produce photons, then light.

This reaction usually lasts 8 to 14 hours, ranging from whether the quality is superior, even a full day, while their shelf life is about two or three years, depending on the place and the world of conservation.

Neon bracelets are perfect for any occasion, be it a party, a birthday, a special evening in a bar or nightclub, make it feel more cheerful and create a spectacular effect in a dark or dimly lit.

If neon bracelets do not fire, can be stored for other occasions, as mentioned, they have a relatively long duration according to their conservation.

This type of bracelets are available in different colours, even with two or three colors, their cost is quite low, there are solutions for every budget.

If you are planning a party with many people and you want to create a nice effect without breaking the bank, you can buy neon bracelets also at less than one euro, there are many offers thrown by stores or on online shop; While, if you are looking for a more elaborate with a stronger material, there are also bracelets which are more than ten euros and that stand out not only for their durability but also for the various colors.

There are also multi offers more than 100 glow bracelets with packages containing less than five euros, you just have to search around a bit on various sites to find the offer that suits your needs.

To activate these bracelets, simply fold them at one or more points, after it clicks you will understand that the internal capsule will be releasing the liquid and within seconds you have the neon effect.

Note that fluorescent bracelets are completely harmless, are not toxic or flammable and do not represent a danger to the wearer.