Flashlight with Video

The Swann Flashlight DVR looks like a normal flashlight, but has additionally installed a video camera.

Flashlights are usually used for excursions or security services. The Swann FlashlightDVR should generate interest in both, because on the light cone has a video camera attached. The filming then simultaneously in the direction in which the light is kept, so you can thieves do not only illuminate, but also absorb. Unfortunately, an expensive idea:

The video camera has a CMOS chip supports a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Not much, but broadcast material is not expected from a flashlight also. You can see the data on the built-in memory to store, but has only 128 MB which is enough moving pictures for 18 minutes. But they do have a slot for mini SD cards, which swallows up to 2GB. Via USB, the data are fed to a computer on.

The lamp has two light sources: one consisting of white LEDs, which can be set in three different Helligsstufen. A second, with multiple infrared LEDs that allow for night vision. However, only in an environment of four meters. On the back of the flashlight to an LCD montor of the remaining battery time and the remaining memory is indicative.

Nice gimmick, but comes at a price. The Australian manufacturer Swann wants hefty $ 500 for the Rechargeable Diving Flashlight.