Five Tips To Find Comfortable Sandals!

On warm days the motto is light and airy. Many of them like to slip into comfortable sandals. But they wear barefoot-a challenge for foot and sandal. What you should look for when buying comfortable sandals, we tell you here.

For many feet the barefoot walk is unfamiliar, because our everyday life is almost invariably shrunk and protected. Due to the weather, often sudden changes from padded to naked feet in the shoe can be uncomfortable at times, causing pressure points, abrasions and bubbles. To help you avoid such painful side effects and enjoy the beautiful weather from head to toe, we have put together the most important tips on ITYPETRAVEL you should consider when buying comfortable sandals:

1. The Perfect Fit

The sandals must fit optimally to your feet. Any “indisposition” can lead to the already mentioned pressure, abrasion and rubbing points and thus to pain while walking. Keep in mind that the feet quickly swell up in heat and you need enough room. So try sandals in any case and always in the afternoon or evening, since feet are usually a bit swollen. If you test the potential favorites in the morning, you will attract a thin sock.

2. Buckles Provide Firm Fit

Every shoe should be so tight that you can get safely through everyday life. Sandals are often of special “ease”, but with all the love for the summer design, the sandal must also be comfortable to wear, without tensing your toes because you are afraid to slip out of the shoe. A typical phenomenon, incidentally, of inferior toe sandals (flipflops). With adjustable buckles you can personalize the sandal and get a good hold.

3. The Matching Footbed

Naked feet sweating. This means moisture that accumulates between the foot and the sandal. To ensure that you do not slip back and forth, try to find comfortable sandals that provide sufficient support for your feet with a light preformed footbed. In addition, the material of the footbed is important, as described in point 4.

4. Respiratory Active Material

Clearly, if it is already hot, the sandal should be made of material that does not make you sweat. Look for the most natural and / or respiratory materials, such as leather, cotton, linen or the like, which carry away the moisture from the foot and do not jam it unnecessarily. Leather has proven itself for shoes for centuries.

5. Qualitative Processing

A tight fit of the sandal guarantees you a safe and secure walk with it. A prerequisite for good sandals is a high-quality workmanship. Are all seams worked well or is there somewhere? Are there enough holes for the buckles? Is the sole well assembled? These questions should you ask yourself, then you have a long time to enjoy your new sandals.

6. Design And Appearance

A point out of competition and the most important thing: the design! It is the first thing we look out for, but from the aspect of comfortable sandals, it should actually be secondary. However, you can turn the game around. Pick up all the sandals you like and then look for the 5 tips – and you’ve already found the right sandal.

With this knowledge you should be able to easily find comfortable sandals. Take a look at our range for the coming summer!