Fishing the Shad

Fishing for Shad is the most attractive from the banks. To catch Tarpon of mas of 20 lbs of weight you don’t need to enter any boat, should you only know exactly areas they roam more, and at the same time know what fishing technique is the most effective for their capture. In this brief article, we’ll just talk about the easiest way to capture them from the banks in my experience with this beautiful species, if you’ve never caught a Tarpon can tell you that without pure adrenaline when you click some good size.

Places which are more effective in fishing for Shad in my experience?

The mouth of the rivers is the first one that I recommend, in fact don’t need too deep for loitering behind the sardines in that area. If the water is cloudy, it is even better because they attack with greater veracity the bait. And second place where I have found to be of good size is near the DOCKS, piers of boats, they really like walking and remain for a long time under the boats, they are lovers of shade and fresh water.

That fishing technique would be very convenient to capture them?

To be honest I’ve captured them in various ways, since Shad when it attacks well doing very because they are large mouth fish and very greedy, therefore in a high percentage of the time that they bite the bait manage to eat it complete, action to facilitate their capture.

I fish them thoroughly with sardine, I fish them with artificial rapalas of about 10 cm in length, but no doubt the technique more result has brought me in fishing for Shad is live sardine or living jurelitos. It is almost impossible that a moribund sardine passes by the side of some good-sized Chad and this do not swallow it is, even without hunger in its entirety.

Which is the main trick to capture them with this fishing technique recommended by Educationvv, is very simple, always use gangion or steel so that it does not chop you thread, have good amount of thread fish in your film, and have a combo rod and reel of media action, but above all the main thing is once you feel fishing wire which comes out as a shot of your film with the bite of Shad do not give your pull until no jump for the first time, that leap of Shad, is sign that was punctured with the hook, and it’s time to start your battle for sacaró out of the water. If you not jump above the surface, it is almost certainly not what a Chad bring anzuelado.

In summary…

Shad fishing is pure adrenaline for shore anglers. Something very important that I wanted to mention before I conclude, is that in many countries Shad this forbidden, i.e. that by law you must always release again to water the ejempkar, regardless of which weight having the animal. In puerto rico they are forbidden.

If you have not yet experienced a screenshot of Chad in any fishery, it is time that you prepare the conditions so that you enjoy with the adrenaline at the top with this beautiful species. Your comments are highly valued in this blog, thank you for visiting us.