Fishing Spinning Reel: Essential Parts of the Same

Reel fishing along with shank form an explosive duo in achieving good catches from the shores. Fishing reels today have state of the art in many ways, from its parts, its design, and its functionality. In today’s article I want to show you the essential parts of it, as well as to explain a little more about them and their correct use. Do not have much information about the fishing reel?.., I think that this is a great opportunity to learn something more…

Essential parts of the reel fishing:

1 – coil or reel yoyo: this part is intended for the placement of fishing thread. The average stock or heavy fishing reels, have deep coil with the goal of placing greater quantity of thread fish, working to the good size fish more easily. They are manufactured in materials resistant to the saltpeter, easy movement with thread fish, and almost always some color colorful attention when selling them. To me personally color gold fascinates me by the elegance that contributes to the attachment.

the reel leg: is in charge of making thread collection action fishing, through the uniform movement up and down the reel fishing. The legs can be placed in modern reels either the left side or the right side depending on the comfort of the fisherman in this sense. Almost always the coating is plastic or metal and are screwed with a head screw screw cap which is perpendicular to the leg.

the spool inner bearing: are responsible for the movements of coil, and leg, for the functionality of the reel. The most modern fishing reels have around 9 bearings, made with high quality material and resistance, which provides you with a light as silk, yet energetic movement to combat the good-sized fish. The bonina Tang also has a bearing that makes it move evenly up and down.

the spool brake: they found them in 2 modes, on top of the coil, which has become the top that loosens or tightens which is just above the yoyo, or can also be found at the end of the reel in a a thread. The brake is one of the vital parts of the reel fishing, because through it, regulates the output of thread fish when the fish is pulling then that we engage in it. Brake the reel with the flexibility of your rod, pointer 2 actions that actually make the fish get tired and you can get it down to the shore.

In summary…

Reel fishing is vital for a good fishery. If you’ve still not related with the spinning reels, trying to do it as soon as possible, since for anglers from the shores brings many substantial advantages its good use. Start practicing much, if you have any questions let me know, I’m here to support you in everything you can in your development as a fisherman. Leave your comments on the article. Thank you for visiting your corner of virtual fishing!