Fiiligrane Wedding Rings For Her and Him

Our jewelery of the week is aimed at all future married couples and those who like to get some inspiration from the wedding rings.For today I would like to introduce you to a couple of jewels that are timelessly classical, but still stand out from the crowd.

Wedding Trend 2015: wedding rings in white gold

Sometimes you just want to combine both. It should be simple, classic style. But still somehow noble. It may glitter, but not too much. It is not easy to get these wishes together. Our jewelery of the week makes it easy. Although, actually, they are rather bridal jewelery, because they are wedding rings and they come right in the pair.

A current trend is classic wedding rings in white gold.Here, several advantages are used together.So, for the time being, it is gold, which speaks for itself.Not in the proper sense, but in the form of white gold.That looks very chic, but not intrusive.In addition, it is easy to process, so it is easy to apply an engraving.Furthermore, the ring can not start, which can occur with silver.Because of course there is gold in it.

Noble wedding rings on

And then it is the design of the wedding rings themselves. The men’s ring is quite simple, but the ladies’ ring reminds of the currently popular memory rings (memoir rings ).In this case, precious stones are gradually being used.But the variants, which have already been used from the start, are also becoming more and more popular.

There are a total of 37 zirconia or diamonds in the female ring.With white gold, you can choose which alloy you want.The men’s ring is somewhat subordinate and comes – as is customary – without any precious stones.However, one quickly recognizes that these rings are a pair.The matte finish sets the finishing point and also highlights the brilliancy of the zirconia or brilliants.

Both rings are only available together.That is, the price indicated is for both rings in the packet.And if they do not quite like you, then wait for a huge selection of Eheringen, which would be discovered by you.