Feminine Backpacks: Ethnic, Leather, Postman

The range of models, brands, styles, colors and shapes of women’s backpacks that are found today in the market is so great that it even generates doubts when choosing.

But, on the other hand, end up favoring, because it is possible to invest in quality, functionality and durability, just check.

They are great and end up taking so much in day to day, right?For they are practical and end up taking everything you need, without much effort and still guarantees that touch in the visual, of a modern accessory, cool, elegant and charming.

In natural leather they are great and look beautiful, and can be accessories even to be used at parties and more formal situations.

Models and How to use with elegance

But there are options in synthetic leather, nylon, canvas, assorted fabrics, Pu, and so many others, which guarantee product strength and lots of beauty.

In the colors of fashion, they can be in neutral or darker tones, and in the most varied designs, discreet or bolder as well.


Picture 1 – Leather backpack with modern details, front pocket with gold zipper opening, carry handle on back or also in hand, here you have two color options.

Image 2 – Pink backpack with white hearts print, zippered front pocket, back straps, to wear in college, college, this backpack is a great option.


Image 3 – This model already has anchors in navy blue, details with self adhesive heart-shaped sewn in the front pocket, zippered opening, carrying the handle to carry on the back.

Many famous brands like Kipling, the monkey brand, Carmine, and so many others guarantee beautiful models that can be found in all sizes.

Some models still carry the versatility of being worn both on the back and shoulder on the side.

So, you need to choose the backpack models that you like the most, because they are fashionable.

Ethnic Pattern

Image 4 – A way to add a touch to the look, here you have a backpack model with ethnic print, zippered side pockets, open and close adjustment with bag-style drawstring.

Picture 5 – Made of canvas, this backpack brings some details with ethnic colored print, front pockets to store cell phone and smaller objects, opening with zipper, handles to take in the hand or the back.

Picture 6- With colors in white and black, and pink lining, this backpack has the carrying straps on the back, adjustment to open or close with strings.

Image 7- Bag with ethnic print with colors in shades of orange, green, blue, pink, pockets on the front with buckles in brown, model with shoulder straps to carry on the back.

Picture 8 – A backpack perfect for use in school, college and even at work, with dividers bringing space to store different belongings, small pocket in the front, wide and comfortable shoulder straps to carry on the back.

Image 9- A backpack model in the ethnic print with white and black colors, small pockets at the front, adjustment with drawstring to open and close the backpack.

Image 10- Bag backpack made of fabric, with prints that bring modern colors, front and side pockets to store smaller objects, handles to carry in the hand or also on the back.

Picture 11 – With very colorful tones, this backpack style bag has the regulation with drawstring to open and close providing greater safety, handles and back.

Picture 12 – A complete kit with case, moni bag and a backpack in navy blue and printed details, upholstered carrying lugs on the back, zippered opening.

Image 13- Another model of bag backpack with modern ethnic stamp, regulation with cord, space to store different objects.

Black backpack bag

Picture 14 – This leather backpack is a great option for those who are looking for a very modern bag, this model has front and side pockets, details with buckle, carrying straps on the back or hand.

Picture 15 – Two models of modern leather handbags to carry either the back or carry in the hand, discreet details and attractive colors.

Image 16- Black leather backpack with silver zipper, carrying handles as well as back, made with quality material and durability.

Picture 17 – Black leather model with wide straps to carry on the back, and also to carry in the hand, with space to store several belongings, to go to school, college or work it is a great option.

Picture 18 – As part of the look, a modern leather bag in black with gold buckles, zippered front pocket to hold smaller items.

Image 19- Three options of genuine leather backpack bags offering a space to store various belongings, carrying handles as well as back.

Picture 20 – In a medium format, you have a black leather bag with silver zipper, a modern clasp to open the bag where it offers greater security, alcas to carry on the back with greater comfort.

With Spikes

Picture 21- Model in leather in black color with details in spikes and pins in silver color, alcas to carry in the back and also a small wing to carry in the hand.

Picture 22 – In a stylish look, here she chooses a black bag with silver tacks composing the look with a lot of charm, being able to take your belongings safely to wherever you want.

Picture 23 – Black leather backpack bag with gold zipper, small front pocket to carry smaller items, a gold clasp with a logo of the brand is part of the detail, cozy wings to carry on the back.

Very stylish postman backpacks

Picture 24 – This model of bag has made great success among women, model in leather with adjustable straps, lock with buckles in silver color.

Cross bag

Picture 25 – Brown bag postman model, leather with adjustable straps, closure with buckles, this model has a handle to carry in the hand.

Picture 26 – Suede model in caramel color, adjustable straps, opening with buckles where it still has a very modern golden clasp.

Image 27- Four tips of looks very stylish where the bags make up the look with a lot of charm, the postman bag has a presence in women’s fashion bringing more style to the look.

Image 28- Large models with space to store various belongings and take you wherever you go, besides composing the look with much more style.

Image 29- High quality leather bag in brown, this model has opening through buckles silver, alcas with adjustment to load in different ways.

Image 30- This bag is very stylish, besides you can store several things more safely and take it wherever you want, it becomes part of your look bringing a touch more in the visual.