Favorite Jeans

Lucia, 24, editor

When I was wearing my Acne jeans recently, a friend asked me horrified: ‘So this is an Acne jeans that all girls and magazines are swarming about, quite unspectacular, but she makes a hot butt. ‘ Well-recognized dear friend, for this reason she is mine-and the favorite jeans of a thousand other girls: she does not need a rhinestones to attract attention, adapts to every outfit and simply conjures up such a good figure.”

Manuela, 23, graphic artist

“In 2000, I bought my jeans pumps in a small shop in Cologne, always the same: I’m going to buy a pair of trousers-and with what I get back with shoes! I was simply magically attracted by these intolerable, because not comfortable, specimens. It appears to be genetically determined and completely incurable.”

Sylvia, 37, editor

“I found my favorite piece of Levi’s Red Tab about 2 years ago in Berlin, the cut I just found super: on hip, with deep pockets and the very best, on the hem it lays itself like leggings around the sneakers! but the last thing I did in the store was that it was a bit more casual, but the purchase was absolutely worth it because I still love it!”

Alice, 27, editor

“My favorite part is one of the few H & M clothes that you do not meet at every corner-so far I’ve only seen her at a colleague, I bought her in 2001 and I hope every year that she can last another Sleeves, is already so beautifully worn and when I can wear them the first time a year, I know ‘Spring has begun!'”

Line, 28, illustrator

“Thanks H & M, I just bought this jeans skirt recently and I do not like to take it off.” Finally, a piece of clothing that covers my ass and makes it look small.

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