Fashion Plus Size Beach: Bikinis And Other Ideal Pieces For Chubby

Many people still argue that whoever is chubby should not wear a bikini. They could not be more wrong. Television and fashion editorials end up imposing a pattern of beauty that does not correspond to reality, reinforcing a sense of insecurity and non-acceptance of one’s own body among women.

“Although nearly half the female population is overweight, they are still expected to exhibit healed and” perfect “bodies in the summer. This weight is also due to the women themselves, who buy this idea and accept to deprive themselves of the delights of summer ashamed to wear a bikini on the beach, “says Renata Poskus Vaz, organizer of Fashion Weekend Plus Size and author of Blog Mulherão.

One of the main mistakes of those with a few extra pounds is to hide behind big bikinis too.

Ana Paula Holanda, Plus Size model and blogger of the Plus Size in Fashion, recommends just the opposite: “The ideal models for the chubby ones value the curves, acínturam and model the body.Very large bikinis enhance the silhouette and make some parts of the body appear larger than they really are. ”

So as not to miss more, check out some tips to choose the right bikini for you and enjoy the best of the beach, the pool and your body. No fear, no neuras!

Gordinhas: How To Choose An Ideal Bikini

Prefer higher waist panties and wide side and avoid models with very tight elastic at the waist or thin strips. They mark the belly and the fat side;

Vertical stripes give a charm to the beach look. If used in both parts, help stretch the silhouette;

If you have small breasts, prefer curly or fall-down models. For large breasts, look for wider loops to avoid discomfort in the shoulders. Structured bojo goes well for both cases;

Suits can be a good request, but do not look for too big models. Value waist-high details that, in addition to leaving the piece prettier, help to sharpen the silhouette by drawing attention from the hips;

Avoid horizontal stripes and very large or geometric prints. They increase the forms;

Look for stores where you can buy the bottom and top of the bikini separately. It’s easier to hit size than buying sets;

Choose bikinis that you can tie back. So you can adjust it freely to the size of your back;

Do not hide behind the beach exits. They are welcome just before arriving and time to leave. Trunks and minidresses replace the canga, which marks the body more, but do not choose oversized models. Prefer embossed pieces that value the silhouette, and V-necklines that draw attention to the lap.

13 Plus Size Beachwear Options

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