Fashion Clothes for Chubby Ladies

Hello, ladies! All right?

The other day, I was reading some news when I came across one on plus size fashion very curious that came out in the American ABC Newssite. The call was: ‘ Americans are too big for the Zara clothing “.

The Spanish chain Zara, today the largest retailer of women’s fashion store in the world, may be missing a great opportunity in the United States by refusing to offer clothes for chubby women. Eight out of ten Americans are overweight. Here in Brazil, are four in every 10 births.

Worldwide, there are about 1700 Zara stores, but in the USA, there are only a few dozen. Experts say that the brand does not grow more in the u.s. because Zara finds it difficult to adapt to the reality of the American waistline.

However, said the article, other retail giants, such as H & M (I didn’t know) and Forever 21 (the one that caused reboliços and queues during the inauguration of its stores in Brazil), are investing in plus size fashion, producing excellent clothes for chubby women and quickly expanded their business on American soil.

H & M has created an online space for plus size fashion. In just eight months, the industry already represented 8% of the company’s revenue. In an interview with ABC News, one of the executives at H & M said to believe that, in a short time, large size clothes will be more consumed that “normal” size. People, we’re going to save capitalism!

Here in Brazil, large magazines have moved to meet the public plus size, which consumes no less than R$ 4.5 billion a year. And the market still has a lot to grow!

According to data of IBGE, Brazil must maintain a large population of fatties. In 2020, this number is expected to reach 30% of the population, which means more than 55 million people. Add to this number the foreign tourists who visit fatty country every year and look the size of our market! It is worth remembering that the phenomenon of overweight hit other Nations long before Brazil, especially those more developed, which adopted a lifestyle where the industrial products have replaced the natural ones. Hence, foreign tourist fat is normal.

The C & A, which is the largest fashion retailer in the country, began to pay special attention to the plus size fashion in 2011, with the collection “Special For You”, which has specially designed for modeling chubby women.In 2012, the singer Preta Gil became the poster girl for the brand.

Marisa store, which has already invested in clothes for chubby women even before the C & A, has a pretty good variety, with modeling you wear to the number 60, modern and with great prices.

People, Carrefour is already working with plus size clothes and you may check with!

So, friends, oddly enough, are the “mother lode” of the market. I couldn’t imagine that on top of my 40 years of life I could say this.

And Zara?! Well, according to the article, the company is expanding in the United States, but would not comment the fact does not meet the public to wear larger sizes. By the way, are you satisfied with your target audience, which is not small. How Zara is the largest network in the world, business retailer can afford to choose who you want to meet. I’ve never been there and now that I’m not getting. Now, who doesn’t want me! I’m may!

Kisses, girls!