Fashion Basic Biker Jacket: 4 Style Types

The Biker jacket is one of my Favorite basics. For me, it is an indispensable component of my personal, sporty casual in easy chic. Because the Biker jacket has the property to trim almost any outfit immediately to cool. Moreover, their versatility: you is for all Figure types not only portable, but can be used also for very different looks. However, it is not always easy to find the proper Biker jacket for the style and your figure. Because if a Biker jacket is really good, depends on many things. Certain typical cut shapes and decorative details may be as well as the color and the material of the jacket.

But also the style statement that you want to implement with a Biker jacket, is important for the selection. Therefore I have compiled some typical ways you, as you integrate your Biker jacket style in different outfits. And I’ll show you that the Biker jacket is a totally ageless fashion Basic. I’m sure that you are in one of the four style types presented – or perhaps in a mix it – find.

4 style types and their typical outfits with Biker jacket

Biker jackets are a highly versatile means of style for your basic wardrobe. You can create different looks with the fashion classic. There are no limits your ingenuity and your enjoyment of the combination. Look at you can see but four typical main looks where the Biker jacket plays a supporting role. I have discovered the following types of style:

Androgynous cool rocker-chic

This look is very close to the original. We speak of a predominantly black look with Silver-metallic accents. This consists of Biker jacket, slim black jeans or leather pants in the biker style, T-Shirt or shirt and biker boots. Ingredients of the looks are typically rivets, leather and silver jewelry. If you want to bring something more punk rock in the outfit, add a part in the famous red plaid. But:, Modern women no longer wear this look without break in style. This means: think about where you’ll be feminine accents. Lace pumps or sandals could be as well, such as a lady bag or a lace blouse. To avoid the “rocker overload” and the outfit is easily portable for more mature women. A great example of an adult rocker-chic you can find at Gaby from “stylish salad”.

Casual easy look

The Biker jacket is excellently suitable to make simple looks after the easy chic a bit chic and cool. Simply add a Biker jacket to your outfit of jeans, shirt, blouse, sweater or Hoodie (Hoodie). Complete the look with comfortable flat shoes such as sneakers, loafers and slip-ons, but also boots or ankle boots. A shawl or scarf, a long chain with a pendant or lush bracelets create spotlight. This fits an oldeworlde Hobo bag or another unstructured bag with soft contours.

The nice thing about the casual look with Biker jacket: He works with the traditional, somewhat androgynous touch, as well as in the female softer variant in bright shades. You will find a successful example at Conny ‘A Hemad and a HOS’.

Elegant Lady look

The Biker-jacket can be a love even a real Lady. Because she are the typical, classic, elegant Lady look that certain naughty something – I call it the “silent rebellion”. Take a pencil skirt, a classic silk blouse, precious pumps or booties – and to a Biker jacket. It works also with a sheath dress. Add quiet still a clutch or a structured Lady bag, a statement necklace, flashy earrings or a bling-bling bracelet. It can withstand a real Biker jacket! If you like but prefer softer attacks at this look to softer, thinner, and more noble leathers or equal to a (knitwear) fabric version of rock fashion classic. Interesting variations to show Annette by “Lady of style” and Ann by “blue hue Wonderland”.

Feminine and romantic

If you think the cool Biker jacket would be nothing for romantic minds, with her androgynous charm errs greatly! Because the Biker jacket Tames even the girly romantic look and immediately gives him the necessary traction and maturity. Imagine just a Modern hippie girl : A long, flowing next Maxi skirt or a floral Sommerkleidchen in addition to sandals and lush chain jewelry. This hat and a fringe bag. What is missing? Exactly: a Biker jacket.

Or just think of a beautifully romantic lace dress and girly T-strap pumps. How to make this look for everyday use? A Biker jacket and – if you want to and the weather allows – opaque stockings sure transport even the loveliest girl dreams in the adult world. Promised.

And if you’re still not quite as brave, then you start but just gently in your casual look with Biker jacket (see above) female romance to sprinkle a pinch of: a floral scarf, a pastel mini zipper pouch, an embroidered peasant blouse, or lush Pearl Jewelry help. Together with the Biker jacket is always a wonderful break in style! Find an interesting example of this mix of styles, at Sabina from “Ocean Blue style” and at Gaby from “stylish salad”.

Is a Biker jacket for all ages?

Almost always when it comes to biker jackets, this question comes up. And I would like to answer you quite clearly: Yes! Even if she is a rebellious youth since Marlon Brando and James Dean as a symbol, the Biker jacket is now absolutely ageless. My tip to do this: The plain you combine the Biker jacket and ever higher quality, the better are the other basics of the outfit, the Ageless rocker-chic works. You need proof? Then check out time these ladies, I’ve found on Pinterest:

  • This lady is rocking the Biker jacket in an monochromatic outfit in cream.
  • This lady is a very modern, casual outfit with black Biker jacket.
  • This lady shows their fashion mettle with a Bright red Biker jacket.

I, of course, hope that this outfit examples help you to identify your own personal biker style. There is more information in the further contributions to this blog series, which as a whole is composed of three parts:

  • The main historical facts to the Biker jacket and their typical details
  • So combine the Biker jacket outfit examples for each type of style and ages
  • The proper Biker jacket for every figure type

Have you already found your favorite look? Or have another outfit inspiration to biker jackets, which they want to share with the readers of the fashion Whisperer? I’m looking forward to your thoughts and more style ideas in the comments!