Essential Tips That Every Man Should Know To Wear Shirts

Sometimes it is difficult to know the right way to wear a shirt, with these tips you will never feel nervous when you leave your house wearing a shirt. Confidence is everything in any situation, but do not rule out that clothing is part of what generates your confidence. Notes on these basic tips for using shirts.

1. Use white shirt

When you wear a white shirt inside it becomes very noticeable when the outer jacket is the same color.

On the other hand, if you use a gray shirt inside will be less visible than a white. Tank is advisable to use because many women do not like to see nipples.

2. Fold the sleeves

Go up the sleeves and fold the inside to the height of your elbow, as shown in the image. Women are attracted much more this way.

3. Avoid excess fabric at the bottom

The excess fabric at the bottom of the shirt always looks very bad. You can use the following technique for shirts that are particularly very wide. To avoid this: simply fold the sides your shirt, tucking thumbs forward and folding the shirt with the index finger back. As we show in the man shirt size chart.

4. When fajarse shirt?

Very long and curved shirts were designed to be tucked in which they are flat and short are made to let loose.

5. The neck

Have you seen those little sleeves or holes in the neck? They are to give rigidity to the collar and prevent bending or warping. They are usually plastic and are disposable.