Essential Items For A Summer With Style

Here in Brazil it works more or less like this, little cold and heat all year round.

Nothing better than being able to enjoy all that heat, is spring or summer. For that, we must be prepared. With that in mind, we put together a wishlist of products indispensable in our closet.


The white sneakers are the big bet of the year.They combine with almost everything, i.e. are pieces in the wardrobe male Jokers, by virtue of your versatility.

The adidas colors are also part of the time. In addition to having numerous colors, leaving any basic look sophisticated.

On the website of the Adidas can find numerous types of tennis.

Docksiders, Loafers And Oxfords

Classic men ask for more elegant and more sophisticated parts. The social costume combines with shoes. These continue this season. In fact, the notion of fashion classics, perpetuating itself for several seasons.

With templates for various styles of man, the Democrat-one of the main brands of men’s shoes in the country – has various models in color chart with sober and earth tones such as Brown, red, Orange, green and blue, as well as blends and Tye Dye colours for the shoes. All models of the spring/summer of 2016 Democrat are available in 3000 points of sale spread throughout Brazil and abroad. Check out the nearest to you on the website.


Alpargatas due to your convenience, by their shoelaces and fit the shape of the feet, as well as for being made of ropes and fabrics feature lightweight, comfortable aspect, not hot like tennis.


Are essential parts for the calorentos on duty. Key pieces in the wardrobe of those who want to combine style without having to spend a lot of heat. Pieces are not easy to find, but there are designers who produce custom as the Lamin Marcos, which has shiny parts.

CNS sandals are great choices for the summer, see the brand by clicking here.


Arguably it’s a Joker in the store, to anyone who wants to enjoy the Sun, beach, sea and pool. Eliminating comments.

The world-known by their Hawaiian pieces are our great indication.


The Brazilian man, get used to it, because the colored sock comes to stay and replace the white socks. Soon, they will be present in all the looks, be a sport or social.

Chino Pants:

Chino with turn-ups and Espadrilles, as well.

Chino pants are still on the rise, especially the color. Bet on the color of the year, marsala and earthy tones like camarelo, mustard and Brown. These colors are the colors of the season.

Denim Jeans

Denin or jeans is also on the rise, mostly destroyed. The total look jeans, world trend, allows. The straight or straight jeans trend, due to the normcore style.

Trousers Joggers

The trousers joggers promise to be the hit of this season and comes with everything.The Sweatshirt or strech sweats differentiated cuts aimed at a comfortable style, are also with everything.

Department stores in General, such as Zara, C & A, Renner etc. have a large supply of these parts.


We’re in shorts with bent bar and shorts above the knee. Yes, be cool is to use short shorts this summer. Remember pieces of natural fabrics like cotton help refresh the excessive heat.


Many turn up their noses, but Speedo’s a yes man. Nothing like enjoy the best beaches, swimming pools and waterfalls so comfortable, that is, with less clothing possible, says


The summer has the face of living parts, colored, stamped, and the piece that most blends with the heat at the top are the shirts. Races or with sleeves, v-necks or bald. With buttons or with the sleeves folded. Anything goes for style.

Printed Shirts.

Printed shirts, especially the floral and poás, will be with all in winter and summer.


Due to the boho style, they remain high. But not just any hat. Just great. Fédora style to the Goths or supporters of looks “all Black” and Panama, has the face of summer

When the subject is hats there are shops specializing in the subject. But these items can be found also in stalls, Department stores etc.


The round ones are still on the rise. For the more adventurous mirrored lenses.

The classic wayfarer and Aviator may also be options.

Glasses are part of the time.


The accessories are in high and mainly the bracelets. Why bet not in one but in several.


Soak up the Sun in moderation. Avoid critical times and excessive exposure to the Sun, don’t forget to spend sunscreen, which should be recommended by a dermatologist.

I recommend using the sunscreens Fotoequilíbrio line of Natura, a super good mark and also recommended by doctors. In this link you can find the complete line.


After a day in the Sun, chlorine and the weather of the day your skin and hair are dry, so don’t forget to take care of her and hydrate it.

The Apothecary and the Men’s Market have several products for that.


Be sure to dare in their productions. To make the look more fun, the trick is to mix colors. A great option for anyone to be bold is betting on the mix of prints. The floral, graphics and geometric designs are some of the pictures that appear with greater force at this time.