Engagement Rings And Their Different Version: Handcrafted Masterpieces

Solitaire rings are considered classic engagement rings today with a diamond, but that was not always the case. For example, engagement rings with blue sapphires of great popularity enjoyed previously. Since the creation of the Solitaire ring in the year of 1886, whose triumph was no longer to stop. The reason for this is obvious, finally such engagement rings feature the brilliance and fire of diamonds, which are impressively highlighted due to the special nature of the version in which the rays of light from all sides can invade.
This version is available in the various creative variations and allows a broad range of design possibilities for engagement rings. In the following some of these variations will be presented and at the same time provides an insight into the art of the Gemsetter, create the charming in utmost precision work pieces of jewelry.

Engagement rings with sandblasted for diamonds by maximum brilliance

A beautiful sparkling diamond forms the cornice of a Solitaire ring. The sandblasted is suitable to bring these very well. You characterized this way, that the gem – is fixed differently than, for example, in the box or frame version – only through fixing bars made of precious metal. Thus, the diamond is visible in its full size and it also increases the sparkling play of light that allows the unobstructed light in the gem. This feature is responsible for ensuring that the sandblasted to the so-called open settings or also À jour settings (French: jour = light, day) is one.
Sandblasted does not equal sandblasted is of course – they exist for engagement rings in the most diverse types and almost no imagination in designing the jewelry designer. The prongs can vary not only in number but also in their design. Conventional are very narrow prong setting, as possible hide only so little of the diamonds; at the same time exist but also wider designs, which have as their appeal.
Alternatively to sandblasted, there’s also the synonymous names of Chatonfassung (French: chaton = kitten) and claws version – some game species quite meet this name, because the dies made of precious metal in appearance modeled after the claws of carnivores are. The prongs can be made but also very different and elegantly curved cling to the diamond of engagement rings. Another variant are straight prong setting.
In addition to highlight the gem, the ring head (the upper part with the diamonds) increases like extra. The connecting part between this and the ring rail is known as ring shoulder. high quality engagement rings are often characterized by a very artistic design of this area. So the ring rail for example can split there in order to draw the attention more on the upper structure.

The frame version for engagement rings – an elegant shape

A stylish alternative to the sandblasted is the frame version for engagement rings, where the diamond using a frame will be held on the square. It is a precious metal border which surrounds the stone and is usually where a footbridge to precisely fit of the girdle of the diamond. To safely put the gem, the precious metal is often pressed over the edge of the girdle. This is the case, so one speaks of a version grated on or a blurred version.
The frame version has evolved from the box version, where it stands out against this this, that she can be breached and thereby allowing an increased incidence of light in the Pavilion (the lower part of the diamond).
As for the sandblasted, so there’s plenty of variation for the frame version and combined E.g. like in modified form with the sandblasted.

Engagement rings in the tension setting – a novelty from the 60s

The so-called clamping rings, which are also suitable as engagement rings, the natural elasticity of the ring made of precious metal used, to encompass the diamonds. The ring rail above contains a recess with small notches in the girdle of the gemstone is trapped so to speak.
It’s a relatively new form of arrangement for engagement rings, which in the 1960s in Germany by Professor Friedrich Becker was created, though popularity won mainly in the United States, where several patents were filed for them.
If handle by clamping rings a very difficult technique, which is dominated by very few. We are proud that we have the necessary know-how to produce such rings to our customers.

Solid for the engagement rings – the channel version and the bar version

More solid, which can be worn in combination with this, the channel version or alternatively the beam version uses less for the engagement rings even as much.
The characteristic feature of the channel version is that multiple identical crafted gems in a row be taken side by side two side running Rails made of precious metal.
The beam version represents a slight variant; Here, two gems are separated by a piece of precious metal and held on the square. An advantage of this method is that the diamonds from the side are visible.

Engagement rings of excellent quality: This distinguishes it

The whole process of artistic design in Germany takes place – from the initial idea for the design of the engagement rings manufacturing up to the perfect piece of jewelry. Here the various artisans help with her own special talent to create jewels, which meet the highest quality standards in collaboration. The engagement rings are made all individually hand-crafted. So, we cooperate exclusively with knowledgeable and talented goldsmithing and precious stone grinders, diamond Burs, precious stone grips engravers, what you also see the engagement rings. You characterized by a harmonious design and an extremely meticulous and detailed processing, where attention is attached to each individual piece of jewelry in the manufacture and we attach importance, just absolutely flawless copies to leave our House.
Benefit you as our customer this long time having fun on your engagement rings, that aesthetic look must accept any losses, because we only use the highest quality raw materials and it is organised with highest technical perfection to jewelry.

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