Electric Lighting: How To Make Your Choices?

Lighting accounts for more than 12% of electricity consumption in a dwelling. We help you choose the lamp you need!

To Each Lamp Its Specificities

On average, each French household purchases 3 lamps per year and consumes between 325 and 450 kWh per year for its lighting (2) . But how to be sure to make the right choice?

Today, three types of lamps are available in stores:

the compact fluorescent lamps , or ”  energy saving lamps  ” (LBC), very energy efficient;

the LED lamps , also very efficient and also have the advantage of being used outdoors;

the halogen lamps that consume relatively more energy and have a shorter lifespan.

Since 2012, filament filament lamps have beenremoved from the market throughout the European Union . Too energy-consuming, not durable enough: the same fate will be reserved for halogen lamps from 2018 (3) .

What Should Be Taken Into Account When Purchasing?

If the choice of a lamp is made according to the use and the room to which you intend it, a number of indications can help you to choose based on automotiveqna.

The first is the energy label , mandatory since 2013 on all types of bulbs. This is presented in the form of a scale of colors to which correspond notations. Interest? Allow you to evaluate and compare the performance of different lamps.

Typically, energy classes are:

A, A + and A ++ for LEDs;

A and B for LBC;

C and D for high efficiency halogens.

> Learn more about the energy label
In addition to the energy label, the packaging of a lamp shall include:

Its luminous flux (in lumens),

Its color temperature (hot or cold color),

Its ignition time,

The number of on / off cycles that the lamp can withstand,

Its ability to be used with a dimmer and externally,

Its dimensions,

The amount of mercury it contains.

Want to see more? Here is a comparative table  :

Avoid Over-Consumption On A Daily Basis

To consume less electricity, the choice of your lamps is important. But it is also essential to adopt eco-gestures on a daily basis . Here are a few :

Remember to always turn off the light when you leave a room,

Try to maximize the natural light in your home, favoring for example clear walls or placing mirrors to reflect the sunlight,

Instead, choose for your lamps clear shades , which will better light and enhance the warmth of the lamp,

Remember to dust regularly your lamps ,

Replace incandescent lamps with low energy lamps or LEDs. You will see: you’ll win (4)  !

Do you want to better monitor your consumption and know your spending items point by point? ENGIE has designed Cap EcoConso for you . A completely free tool, reserved for our customers.