Efficiency And Design Bicycle Light

Lighthouse. Not Enough Light, You Have To Integrate The Design Of Your Bike.

If you are urban cyclist from day to day or participates in a group of nocturnal pedal, this lighthouse may interest you! We’re talking about bicycle headlight Q-Lite model QL 259-2, a modern and affordable equipment, which in addition to help you ride safer, let your bike prettier and a little futuristic, very different from the famous tactical flashlight puts people in gudião, this is a play designed for your bike, and with activation switch set along on hand. Efficiency, battery, controls, commands, all designed for use on bicycles. This product has been tested and approved by us and can be purchased here at Pedaleria.

The lighthouse has two independent Leds 1W, magnification lenses protected with regulate and angle adjust it in about 7 in all directions, increasing your coverage area. Its fairing is reinforced rubber waterproof with perforated belts fixation system, being easy to immobilise it at the center of the handlebars.

The command key (switch) can be mounted on both sides of the handlebar by means of elastic strap with velcro for easy use without having to drop the gauntlet during the firing. The three functions available are a Led on, two Leds on, and two flashing Leds.

To feed the lighthouse, a battery box with curved base and protected by neoprene can be installed in multiple locations, we chose to install in front of the frame, using short wire, but it can be placed on the top tube of the frame, at the top or bottom of the advancement of handlebars, etc, where more is possible, thanks to your extension of 60 cm. Comes with the lighthouse 4 AA batteries (rechargeable type) , generating enough energy to keep it lit for 8 hours in continuous mode.

The installation or removal of the Lighthouse is quick, seconds, and does not use any tool, only rubber perforated strips that allow “embrace” any pipe diameter. The connection of the lighthouse with the battery box is made with a bipolar plug shielded, and the switch has with 70 cm of length, enough for even the huge parts of the Cruisers and Beach Bikes.

The installation does not require tools, rubber perforated strips hold tightly the lighthouse and the battery box.

For the nocturnal or diurnal urban adventures, count on good headlights and taillights, be seen, pedal equipped and secure, using lighting even during the day if you want, you can purchase it here at Pedaleria. Don’t go out and ride without your!