Eastpak Backpacks Colors

Backpack by excellence, if any, colleges and high schools, the Eastpak Padded backpack is certainly the most widespread model in France and many other European countries. With so many colors of bag, we will guide you to sort hundreds of colours proposed by the American brand.

A model unique in the history of the leather backpack

With still so many colors, it is sometimes difficult to stand out from his school friends.Have a color that the others don’t, that’s the challenge that some give themselves as mission before school starts.

We will here deliberately focusing on the different tones of colours and patterns, because we will see practical and sustainable Eastpak articles in other articles to come.

A worldwide unique backpack

Similarly, there is not all the colors in each different model of the brand, so it’s here see all the colors of the model of the backpack brand which is the most diversified in terms of colours in the world!

A large amount of colors for a backpack

  • United colors:you will find all the colors you can find! Absolutely all the combinations of shades of colors.
  • Multi color:beautiful variations of models together with the mixture of two or more colors in a single bag.
  • Withmilitary reasons: the mark coming from the ranks of the army, offer us a great collection of all possible reasons in many colours.
  • With Scottish patterns:Classic and timeless colors of Scottish styles variants are very interesting as they vary between the colors and sizes of gap between the crossings.

A color palette which takes into account all

  • Withwomen’s motives, with a young target primarily but which is no less feminine, the reasons to destinations of young girls are increasingly widespread in each new collection of colors.
  • Flowers:very trends for girls, flowery patterns like a lot to women and are unique in their style compared to the other colors that offer the brand. You can find a few new models each year, plant inspirations.
  • With fish:marine styles are very popular in this period of awareness of backup of the sea. For lovers of marine animals, fish are a source of inexhaustible inspiration.

A huge amount of very original colors

  • With smileys:a classic for you make happy when you see your bag on a daily basis.Her natural smile will transport you from joy to school and Eastpak has understood since this pattern is resumed from time to time by the followers of the smile.
  • With Palm trees and coconutto remind you of the Islands and holiday spirit. The heavenly side is still part of the classics that offers the brand to a clientele of young people who dream to travel around the world.
  • Candy:patterns very interesting and very popular with the girls, patterns with treats can be seen very little models and so sought-after.
  • Words:behind a few words, we can make beautiful unforgettable bags at our school.Eastpak regularly offers us backpacks with words chosen with subtlety and intelligence and sometimes tinted provocations.

Creativity inspired by nature

  • Thelandscape like urban or nature panoramas are sometimes used to make beautiful bags for back really changing all the others. They are truly unique and are very popular with lovers of photos.
  • Country flags, they can be very design if they are well put together.Generally, you will find the union jack, which is a classic fashion, particularly among young people who love English rock pop culture.
  • Animalsare also from time to time on backpacks. For all those who love our companions in life, you will have the opportunity to show with a wink on the bags Eastpak backpack.

Art at the heart of the colors and patterns of backpack

  • Of skulls, a classic for all those who love the symbolic art, it please to some and distasteful to others but he has his band of followers.Put the skulls and bones are very trendy in a general way in fashion, and remains a constant in the expression of human vanity.
  • Crosses:badges of religions are from time to time put forward with original patterns that sometimes remind us of the art of the appeal. Very so appreciated by a community of fans to this period of adolescence.
  • Birds:patterns with some birds are not very common but very much appreciated by some. They represent before the spirit of freedom that some research through boredom class courses.
  • Parts of the anatomyare regularly used for reasons of bag like the eyes, nose, mouth, ears or other parts which may very design when the colors are selected. You will always find a way of your body on the Eastpak bags.

Colors that are inspired by the beauty of the stars

  • Stars:a timeless for many, the stars and planets like a lot and are diversified with very creative looks. So we can see models with Suns, clouds, comets… As always the space is a source of inexhaustible inspiration.
  • Geometric shapesmore or less developed and inspirations that can vary depending on the color. They are appreciated by everyone and have an advantage to be generally on the back of adolescents who want to show their tastes in design.
  • Peas:a classic fashion that comes up from time to time, the peas are diverse depending on their size and their color.
  • Feathers:simple and light, the feathers are basic for some of you who have a desire to change too without exaggerated patterns. Many models are also available with snake skins, leopard, Panther, etc.

All representations of the dailies to make unique backpack bags

  • Fruits and vegetables, this option is not regular, but can be a hit if the styles are well worked.Foods, however, are a style of design found on a lot of models.
  • With food:very flashes sometimes like with big burgers, different foods are also on the menu of the Eastpak bag to give you full taste buds.
  • Drawings:here we see that Eastpak is creativity without limits since you will find everything what you can design as strictly speaking “drawings” Absolutely everything can be used to make a pattern that you will find on a backpack for teenagers.
  • Slogans:more or less shouting or sometimes claim, slogans are by nature a bit provocative and very visible from far away sometimes. They can be write in large or small but always within the limits of the size of your bag backpack Eastpak which is with a capacity of about 10 litres.

An idea of science in full color

  • Figures:a simple composition of figures for the most scientific of you for you help calculate all throughout your education. The most mathematicians will be delighted to be able to count on a backpack that held them a large part of their curriculum.
  • Maps of the world:well Yes, the borders of the country and the contours of the world are being a design that we love when you love travel. Lovers of geography is that more satisfied to be able to store their business in a bag of the world!
  • Pieces of newspapers, the tabloids or the paragraphs in the newspapers or magazines are quite often taken over by Eastpak who likes to show us on a sack on back of the extracts.

A list of virtually unlimited colors for Eastpak backpacks

  • Badgeslike those of a sheriff or a police officer can be fun to be found on the bags of youth. How many young boys have not dreamed of playing the policeman or the cowboy! This will necessarily remind a few childhood memories.
  • Objects of daily life:everything is good, so to make a good backpack Eastpak, so even a lamp may be a good design that young people will tear. As you can see, the brand was able to convince her to give taste to life with its ultra resistant backpacks.
  • Food, dishes or entries, the mets are also part of the colorways that offers the American brand.

As we see through this list, the number of colors is almost infinite. And yet this list is far from exhaustive. Over time, this list is likely to grow even more and should convince you of the enormous effort of inventiveness that made the brand Eastpak to conquer the back of children and adolescents.

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