Earrings and Their Fascinating Development: a Journey Through Time

Today, earrings are an indispensable part of the Canon of jewelry: exists in the various forms and variations – from small, understated gemstone studs up and to playful, ornate chandelier earrings. Explore the rich tradition of eclectic treasures.

Earrings – the fascinating story of the now-popular jewelry

The earrings, which are the most backdated by Chinese archaeologists is jewels jade. The earrings found in close to the Mongolian city Chifeng to dating back about 8,000 years ago.
In Iraq is were you encountered during excavations on very old specimens, the estimate white around 2,500 BC and worn. During this period there were already both simple earrings in ring form as also artfully crafted earrings. You were at that time among other things used to distinguish foreign from locals and thus represented a status symbol.

There were earrings of popularity, where apart from the aesthetic point of view, religious and symbolic aspects played a role in ancient Egypt. Earrings of King Tutankhamun are preserved so show birds as motifs, holding in its claws a sign for infinity. They are decorated with various colorful gemstones on a gold background.
Earrings in the ancient Greeks and Romans, where they existed in numerous inventive variations had a heyday. So Greek women wore earrings in the form of vases and figurines. They had among other things the function to attract good forces and to ward off all bad, what suggests, for example, copies that show the subject of the goddess of victory Nike.
Roman variants are known today mainly because of wall paintings, where earrings are pictured, as well as by statues which earlobes are indicated. It is assumed that there was a high standard in the metalworking industry in this period.
In the 2nd century AD, the earrings were increasingly occupied with precious gems such as emeralds and sapphires.
In the Byzantine Empire could be resorted to the rich tradition of the Romans and Greeks in the design of ear jewelry – this was used on this basis to introduce new ideas and to develop a unique jewelry culture. Preserved specimens show peacock feathers, ornaments or consist of gold, which is shaped and filled with color precious stones to crests.

This flourishing tradition came to an end in the middle ages gradually. While it was though definitely still widely used in the early middle ages when the nobility to wear earrings, this changed in the high and late Middle Ages. This is probably the former fashion related. Namely expansive, high collar and up to one meter towering hats adorned with veils were worn, as known by damsel of the Castle. Thus earrings could be put not more effective.
Earrings came first again in the 16th century in Italy in fashion. Apparently this is because that the high collar disappeared and the elaborate headdress was removed – the earrings was again at the Center and had his comeback.
These fashionable changes found in England and France until in the 17th century, a time in which the design of earrings was increasingly refined and sophisticated.
In France, a new form was created around the turn of the 18th century by Earrings: the chandeliers (also Girandoles called earrings). Remember in their appearance on chandelier from the Rococo period, outfitted with their rich ornamentation and their sparkling appearance. The chandelier earrings were made of gold or silver and richly studded with precious stones. It is characteristic for them, that the lower end is formed by three hanging jewels, which the medium a little deeper depends on as the two sides.
In the second half of the 18th century Pendeloques were worn like, i.e. earrings, long hanging from the ears – they lent themselves well to complement high hairstyles, which were in vogue.
At the same time, hoop earrings were worn by the women – earrings that originally were a hallmark of the slaves to the West Indies. This initially simple ring-shaped jewelry pieces were imaginative amendments and were decorated with precious stones.
In the course of the 19th century, a new form was again: the extravagant earrings is comprised of multiple, interconnected by thin chains gold platelets. Towards the end of the century, the earrings were again restrained and discreet.
In the first years of the 20th century, they developed the first earrings, for which it took no earlobes, whose Konstruktion was however not yet very sophisticated with a screw cap.
During the first world war, as well as no earrings were produced and worn, but in the post-war years they last but not least came again in appearance – due to the new short hairstyles, especially on the earrings through the attention was. Linear and angular design in the very long earrings prevailed in the Art Deco style of the 1920s.
Clip earrings, as it is today, were invented in the 1930s and rapidly gained popularity.
In the coming decades, the various fashion trends followed each other rapidly. After light, funny and elegant earrings were in demand.

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