Dvelas Living Sails Furniture

Sailing enthusiasts call! Now you have not only the spring and the first releases prospect boat so rejoice, but also the possibility of beautiful objects that surround you will not if you do not direct your thoughts to your favorite sport. Although the sails have a certain horizon life beyond which they wear out and must be replaced, in fact, their tissue-as you well know – is particularly resistant, and after retirement may find a worthy place as a raw material for fashion and design objects.

With “Living Furniture Sails” the Spanish designer Picktrue have developed a line of armchairs and ottomans with recycled sails in which each piece has a label detailing its history, the name of the fabric used for sailing, the place in which it was produced, for which the boat and for which model. A very nice design, suitable for both internal and external, that in lines reminiscent of the waves of the sea.