Drinking Tea in Pregnancy

Tea, the legs put up a cuppa and relax: the perfect break for an expectant Mommy.Tea is a great thirst quencher in pregnancy.

Many things are banned in the nine months of pregnancy or not welcomed. All tealovers can breathe a sigh: tea in pregnancy is not a problem. There are only a few exceptions where you you should hold back.

Tea in pregnancy: home remedies for typical pregnancy complaints

The best however: Tea is not only good, he is also a great home remedy for the various complaints during pregnancy. Still, Guys back with the consumption of herbal tea in pregnancy a little. One or two cups a day are OK, more should not be, because some herbs in large quantities may have a negative effect on the pregnancy.

Tea for nausea & stomach or intestinal disorders in pregnancy

A large part of the expectant moms struggles in the first three months of pregnancy with nausea. Here, tea is a great home remedy. Drinking Chamomile tea, fennel tea, mint tea or ginger tea easily if necessary.

Fennel tea drinkyou suffer from heartburn, you should be sure a Cup. Chamomile is also helpful. Ginger and rosehip tea help with constipation.

Tea against water retention in pregnancy

Water retention pregnancy only too familiar. You should drink special tea that helps against water retention in pregnancy but only after consultation with physician or midwife. Nettle tea is draining, you must drink it but only low doses.

Tea for colds in pregnancy

Drugs are largely taboo in pregnancy. It is better that many varieties help tea against coughing, runny nose and sore throat during pregnancy.

Sage tea is a great home remedy for hoarseness and sore throat. During pregnancy you should gargle but rather only that, because it can have a breeze-promoting effect. Thyme tea is good against coughing.

Tea to calm conditions in pregnancy

A baby means a big change in life. That can make very pretty nervous. Here, too, there are tea, you are allowed to drink in pregnancy and that calms your nerves a little.

Melissa – and lavender tea helps fight sleep States and nervousness. Chamomile tea helps not only against abdominal pain, but can also help you sleep better.

This tea is allowed in pregnancy

Most of the tea varieties are allowed in the pregnancy. Fruit tea and Rooibos can drink it with a clear conscience.

In the above mentioned herbal teas you may also access in bulk.

, By the way: Midwives recommend from the 37th week of pregnancy, raspberry leaf tea. The muscles in the area of the basin should be relaxed as a result and the tea is said to have a breeze-promoting effect.

You should give up this tea better in pregnancy

There are also tea, you should better not drink during pregnancy. Green and black tea are allowed in moderation. Up to three cups a day are ok, if you’re drinking coffee does not additionally. The reason: Caffeine in green and black tea -, as there is in the coffee -. The same applies to mate, Matcha, and Oolong tea. Yogi tea, you should drink only small amounts.

Following types are taboo at the herbal teas: St. John’s wort tea, licorice root, passion flower and Rosemary tea.

Tea in pregnancy: General tips

  • Drink tea without sugar and sweetener.
  • Alternates teas and drinks not for days several cups of some sort.
  • Provides your tea in the refrigerator in the summer, most of the varieties taste even cold.