Dresses 2014-Current Fashion Trends For Women

Who Am I?

I am classic and modern at the same time. I can be youthful fresh or elegant, striking or discreet, long or short, sexy, casual or festive. No matter what fabric I wear or look like, I’m absolutely trendy – I’m a dress from 2014.

Dressing people and selecting the right model is often not easy. Every year I take up current fashion trends and amaze the ladies world with multi-faceted collections. All those who have a few older copies of me in the closet, can dress the corresponding clothes 2014, of course. With trendy shoes or accessories I shine again in the new shine.

Where Do I Stop?

This question is not easy to answer. I can be everywhere. In the spring and summer season of 2014 I can be seen on the promenades, beaches, parties, family celebrations, weddings and graduation balls, in the office, in the city and on holiday. For every occasion I find the right model. So that our wearers can quickly select a suitable piece, I and all other clothes from 2014 are assigned to different categories:

evening Dresses

prom dresses

Prom dresses

Homecoming Dresses

cocktail Dresses

sheath dresses

Party Dresses

Dresses for stand office

Dresses for wedding guests

Summer and beach dresses

All specimens are available in mini and maxi version. Whether shoulder-free, strapless, with halter-band or wide straps – the wearer can decide for himself how much skin she wants to show.

Can I Be Worn Every Season?

Yes. The question I can clearly answer. Summer time is dress-time – that is out of the question.Light fabrics, bright colors and pastel tones, cheeky patterns and modern cuts are particularly popular. But even in autumn and winter I do not have to hide. In the colder months, however, I see a little more rare than in spring or summer, because then I am often hidden under long coats.At low temperatures, I protect my wearer with heat-insulating fabrics made of wool or cotton from the cold. Additional warmth is provided by thick tights, high boots, sweaters and blazers. Many women often wear a pair of trousers in snow and ice. But if a special occasion is on the agenda-I can look forward to a glamorous performance again. The autumn and winter collections of famous fashion designers contain numerous clothes. 2014 can be put together with me stylish and beautiful outfits.

What Have I Done Before?

Previously I was quite wide and rather buttoned. As a rule, I was not allowed to show much of my wearer. The times have changed, and also the intersections of me and the other clothes. In 2014, every woman can wear whatever she pleases. A mini-dress looks sexy and feminine, not rebellious and offensive as it was a few decades ago. The fashion world is open to new ideas and occasionally organizes quite crazy things with me. Only so it is possible that there are me in so many variations, colors, cuts and designs. Modern, stylish and feminine – these are dresses 2014.

What Is Special About Me?

As a new dress I bring 2014 fresh wind into the wardrobe of my wearer. Like me, she also loves change. Most likely, I’m not the only new piece in the wardrobe. When I look closer, I discover many other clothes beside me. 2014 seems to be a great year for me and my sisters. No matter which model was chosen by me, my wearer always feels sexy, beautiful and feminine. Elegant dresses 2014 stand opposite to the casual and freckled models of my sort. I am happy every year with the new heart of my heart and the male eye with my presence. For every taste, for every season and for every occasion, there are matching dresses. 2014 it is so and so it will be also in the coming years. Where women play with their female charms, I’m not far.