Dresscode Wedding: What Do I Wear For A Wedding

It is to be the most beautiful day in the life of two people-the wedding day. But for many guests already the preparations for this day mean stress: what should I give?

Dresscode Wedding What Do I Wear For A Wedding

And much more important-what should I wear? Depending on when and where the wedding takes place, you have to adjust yourself in extreme cases to cool temperatures and rain or glowing heat. Since it is not always easy to find the right wedding outfit as a guest. In addition to your personal preferences in terms of clothing, it is an advantage to follow the wishes of the bride and groom-to avoid greasy naps.

Clothing For Wedding Guests-These Are The No-Gos

For men: With a classic suit you are always right in the normal case. Be careful, however, that you are not completely dressed in black. Schwarz is considered a mourning color in Germany and most Western countries.That is why it is necessary to set accents-for example with a colored shirt, a beautiful tie or a patterned handkerchief. The same applies to the ladies: If you do not want to do without your black dress, combine a hat, a stole or a small bag as a colored accent. Another no-go in choosing the dresses for wedding guests are white and creme tones.

These are exclusively reserved for the bride on the wedding day – the only exception: the bride marries in a different color, such as blue, red or green. Then you should choose an outfit that does not match the color of the wedding dress. And, last but not least, do not use mini-cloaks and deep cut-outs at weddings. This is inadequate and unnecessarily distracts the bride and groom.

The No-Gos At A Glance:

Black clothes for her and him

White and creme tones for the ladies

Too short dresses and skirts, as well as deep cut-outs

Church Or Office? The Right Dress For Wedding Guests

The choice of your outfit for the wedding should also be based on the location of the wedding ceremony, according to weddinginfashion. Marries the bridal couple in a church, elegant clothes is appropriate. This means for the men: suit or tailcoat are obligatory-always in combination with tie or fly. As a female wedding guest you wear a dress, combined with color-matching shoes as well as accessories. Important for weddings in summer: If you choose a sleeveless dress or a model with a deep neckline, a short jacket or stole is recommended to conceal the naked skin in the church. If you wear a hat or fascinator for the wedding, you may keep it in the church. The wedding takes place at the office?Then the dress code for wedding guests is usually a little casual. As a lady you can wear a chic costume or a trousers suit. For the gentlemen, the suit remains as a clothing item number one-tie and bow tie are however not obligatory. For some weddings at the office, sophisticated everyday wear is appropriate.

As A Rule Of Thumb For The Selection Of Clothes On Weddings:

Elegant but not too provocative for the church

Chic to casual for the local authority

Which Clothes Are Desired For Wedding Guests? The Invitation Provides Information

Most wedding couples already give their guests a note on the appropriate clothing selection-for example, if a motto wedding is planned. Some wedding invitations use standard formulations to set the desired clothing for the wedding guests:

Black Tie: Tuxedo for the gentleman, evening dress for the lady

White Tie: tails and ball gown

Gala Dress: Suit and long dress

Cocktail: Suit and cocktail dress

Casual: upscale leisure clothing for both sexes

If you find no information on the dresscode on your wedding invitation, please refer to the location. In a Luxushotel, a different style of clothing is desired, for example in the Landgasthof or the Vereinsheim. If you are still unsure, ask the bridal couple.