Dress over Pants Wear

Dress or pants? I wear both like and that dress over trousers. The combination has long been an insider tip for older women.That has changed, because now this Lagen look tip is as outdated as the supposedly advantageous longitudinal stripes for women. But I have to admit: Even if the older generation lives out her leg, I take quite like a pants when I’m wearing a dress.What my favorite Looks are and what you notice most, I describe here can carry as you dress over trousers.

Dress and Pants

Four Options

1. Tight pants + casual dress

Personally, I find this dress over trousers combination very nice because it conjures up a very feminine silhouette. While your legs look slim, you kaschierst with a wide covered tunic, blouse or a short plus size dress small rolls around the abdomen. The form-fitting pants, a Slim jeans be (best cutting-edge with holes at the knees) or trousers. If you prefer to wear Plus Size Leggings, then these are also allowed.

2. Baggy pants + form-fitting dress

With a plus size wide pants in HOTICLE allows the combination producing well. However, then the shell should be closely cut so your silhouette retains its shape. This combination is a popular layered look of linen or other natural materials. Advantage of this plus size outfits is its lightness, because everything flutters around you. Especially in the summer which is very pleasant.Trendy is the style, if you have a flared trousers combine Oversized with an elegant blouse or a short straight cut voile dress.

3. Shorts + medium-length dresses

Put on pants sees only good when the average fit. For this look you choose a dress in large sizes, the maximum ranges you to the knees. A pair of pants under a maxi dress or a long dress is not only superfluous, they are seen only in its infancy – which looks odd.

4. Contrasts or color

Regarding the colors I can tell you that all variations are permitted that fit in color. A monochrome look of course has a strong effect that makes you appear larger. He is also easily put together and almost always appropriate. Unfortunately, he also seems boring when you put any color accents. You can change by accessories such as a colorful bag or a colored belt this. Or you choose parts of one color in different shades.

A contrast Plus Size Look is an exciting affair. The easiest way of contrast with a plain pant is made and a colorful or otherwise colored dress. The other way around the style works well, but may look unfavorably. My tip: A black plus size slim pants fit very well with the floral dress, what you can bear against the cool evening air a leather jacket or a short cardigan.