Does HTC Build The Next Nexus Devices?

It was just Huawei, who set the hardware for the current Nexus smartphones for Google.According to rumors this year, the next manufacturer will be on the stage. For supposedly HTC should take over the construction of the Nexus devices 2016. Not just a smartphone, but equal both should the company. This is reported by the HTC insider LlabTooFeR about his Twitter account.

Does HTC Build The Next Nexus Devices?

Rumors: Nexus From HTC

If he were not, the rumor could be put on the table. But LlabTooReR was already known in the past for the truth content of his statements. He recently published the two pre-designations for Google’s new smartphones via Twitter. The two devices T50 and T55 are to be called in the home of HTC according to Phonejust.

These names suggest that the numbers describe the respective display size, ie 5.0 inches and 5.5 inches. For the HTC One Max was the internal title T6, which should be well-rounded for the 5.9 inch display. This variant is conceivable, because with 5.0 and 5.5 inches the devices would fit on the approximate scale of a Nexus smartphone.

Already more than a year ago there were similar rumors, said that Huawei with the 6P the next Nexus smartphone. The rumors turned out to be true afterwards.

One By One: HTC One M10

Currently, HTC will probably focus on the concept of its new model One M10. If it was originally announced for the beginning of 2016, the date for the presentation seems to have shifted. At the MWC in Barcelona, ​​therefore, we can not expect a public performance, but probably only at the end of March. HTC should, however, be very keen to bring the new flagship to the sale as soon as possible and to help to achieve success.